Chauncey Billups, AKA, Closet Organizer


Chauncey Billups, AKA, Closet Organizer

See what a little structure in your life can do for ya?  The Pistons and Nuggets pulled off a blockbuster deal this season exchanging Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson.  With AI last season, the Nuggets were a 50-win team, not too shabby at all, but they were promptly swept in the playoffs.  Despite not having a training camp with Chauncey, Denver won 54 games and have started their first series with a win (I won’t even get in to what happened in Detroit). Which team got the more ‘talented’ player in the deal is arguable but Billupsis the shelving you just put up in your garage.  He puts everything in place, he knows where to find things, and he knows what each item will give him.  That is a true point guard; and, point guards sometime score.  Coming off a game 1 where he hit eight three-balls, Billups looks to lead Denver to their first series win since 1994.  Billups joined the 104.3 in Denver to discuss playing the right way, the fall of the Pistons, late start times for the playoffs, and the Broncos’ upcoming draft.

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On the start time for some games in the playoffs:

“That is so late.  It just blows up your whole day.   Everything is just different.  That’s really, really late man.  At this point, you do what you gotta do, but if I could have it another way, I would have it

On the Pistons without him:

“They’re struggling.  I feel bad for them ’cause I know that there’s a lot of guys on that team with championship hearts and for whatever reason they’re just not getting it done.  You got a lot of good personal friends that you’re pulling for.  On one end, it shows the value that you added to the team, but it’s bigger than that; you want your guy to do good.  They’re in a dog fight and it’s gonna be tough, but I always wish them the best.”Billups on playing the right way, the Broncos draft, and the full interview after the jump.

On what it means to play the right way:

“To me, it means respect the game, play unselfish on both ends of the court, help your teammates out… Just unselfishness I think… Not care who has the big night.  Whoever is having the big night, try to maximize their opportunities.”

His thoughts on the Broncos in the draft:

“We gotta go defense man!  But I like (Mark) Sanchez though.  If we’ve gotta chance, I like him.”

Listen to Chauncey Billups on 104.3 in Denver

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