Carlos Boozer Is Likely Opting Out Of His Contract

Carlos Boozer was always thought to be opting out of the last year of his contract which would pay him $12 million plus for next season.  The man obviously wants a long-term deal which will score him muchos dineiros.  When he went down with a knee injury, forcing him to miss 45 games this season, questions arose.  The emergence of Paul Millsap as a capable replacement made people wonder whether Utah would be willing to lock in $10 million plus per year, for several years, in Carlos Boozer.  Then, there was the simpler question: Should Boozer opt out after a sub-par year by his standards?  Carlos followed up the regular season with a very good, albeit short, playoff run.  His locker clean-out scrum was heard on KFAN in UTAH and he discussed whether or not he will forego the final year of his deal, whether he likes playing in Utah, and where his team would have finished if he and his ‘mates were healthy.

Is there any chance you play out the last year of your contract?

“I don’t think so.  Obviously, I’m gonna talk to them (the Jazz), talk to my agent.  I’m sure I’ll be talking to you guys again soon, but I don’t think so.”

On the rumor he doesn’t enjoy playing in Utah:

“It didn’t come from me.  I can’t control what other people say – all I control is how I feel… A fresh start could be right here… Honestly, I think if this team is healthy from top to finish and we have a whole season to be together and have our chemistry together, I think we have a very good team.”

Addressing a past quote when he said he was ‘gonna get a raise:’

“I made a mistake by saying that, I already told you guys that.  I’m not gonna keep going over the past… I’m gonna talk to the team – there’s a very good chance I’ll sign a long-term contract…”

Do you feel like you have unfinished business in Utah?

“Absolutely.  I came here to win a championship and that’s what I wanna do.  I think we have a team that can accomplish that goal if we’re healthy.  You think about the season, I missed 40+ games, those games, we win half of them and be first or second in the west.”

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