Tyler Hansbrough Thinks He Might Be Going Higher Than 12; Proceeds To Make Blogger Jokes

Tyler Hansbrough is possibly my least favorite athlete of all time; it’s because I’m an NC State fan and detest the North Carolina TarHeels, not because of the standard Hansbrough-hate. So, as such, I think it’s amusing that he probably won’t be a great/good NBA player.

But don’t tell him that, apparently — in a recent interview with WFNZ, Hansbrough actually stated that he might be drafted higher than 12 (where the Bobcats, a.k.a. Carolina Graduate School for Basketball Crappiness are slotted). Also, being motivated by people’s doubts, his performance at the combine, and how he doesn’t really care what people in basements making mock drafts think about him. SIGH.

On the Bobcats’ interest at #12:

“Nah, I don’t think so — I think I have a chance to go a little higher [than 12th] but we’ll see what happens … It’s hard to tell right now, it’s still early a lot of things can happen, but the draft is approaching and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

On how well his combine went:

“Yeah, I mean, I’m just doing what I do. A lot of people have doubted me and things like that, which is great — it seems like I’m proving a lot of people wrong. Still at the same time, I do it because the NBA has always been a dream of mine and, like I said, I’m not going out there and doing anything that I haven’t done before, a lot of people just don’t see some of the skills I have or they don’t think I’m as athletic as I am. Which I am.”

On being motivated by people’s doubts:

“Well, yeah it does motivate me a little bit. Still at the same time I kind of laugh at it. These are probably a bunch of guys who just sit in their basements and probably just write out mock drafts and do this or do that. They haven’t followed me for four years and they haven’t seen exactly what I’ve done or they wouldn’t be saying that stuff. I could really care less what they’re going to think but I’m just going to go out and do what I do and see what happens.”

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