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Blake Griffin: “I’m about 99.9 percent right now”
August 29, 2012 – 9:02 am by Chris Fedor
When Blake Griffin went down with a knee injury in July, all Clippers fans held their breath hoping the injury wasn’t severe. After all, the face of the franchise and one of the most exciting players in the NBA has already lost one season in his career, and his bulky knee hobbled him throughout the Clippers’ playoff run this past season. Any injury to Griffin would be a huge blow to a team that looks like they have finally fought their way out of basketball irrelevance. Luckily for Griffin and Los Angeles, the injury doesn’t look as serious as it did originally and Griffin should be healed up in time for the start of the regular season as the new and improved teams in LA battle for city supremacy.
Blake Griffin joined Fox Sports Radio with the Loose Cannons to talk about how his knee is feeling after injuring it prior to the Olympics, what he thinks of the moves the Clippers made this offseason, if he feels like the Clippers added some good players to compete with the Lakers, how tough it was to miss the Olympics, what he thinks about the job Gary Sacks has done and whether he should fill the open GM position.
On how his knee is feeling:
“I’m about 99.9 percent right now.”
What he thinks of the moves the Clippers made this offseason:
“I was very excited about them. A lot of the guys, we picked up Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom and all of those guys are going to be great for us. Got a nice mix of veterans and guys that have a lot of experience winning games in the playoffs so I think that will be great for our young guys, myself included to kind of learn from them.”
If he feels like the Clippers added some good players to compete with the Lakers:
“Yeah I believe that we did. I thought we added some great players and some great pieces that we needed and I think we got better as well but they obviously did as well and it’s great for L.A. basketball, it’s great for the NBA and looking forward to getting out there with them.”
How tough it was for him to miss the Olympics:
“Yeah I was definitely looking forward to it and was looking forward to the opportunity but in the end everything will work out. I’m glad I was able to get this fixed and really be ready.”
If he thinks Gary Sacks, Clippers Director of Player Personnel, should be the guy to fill the open GM position:
“He did an unbelievable job, Gary Sacks did, along with Coach Del Negro. I think they both kind of teamed up and I think we have a lot of respect for Gary. As far as the players go, we have a lot of respect for him and everything he’s been able to do. I know a lot of us are pulling for him to get that GM job and definitely hope he gets it.”
Listen to Blake Griffin on Fox Sports Radio here
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