Shane Carwin Prepares For What He Believes Is The Biggest Fight In Ufc History

Ever since Frank Mir stated that he wanted to end Brock Lesnar’s life in the ring, fight fans have salivated over the possibility of Mir and Lesnar getting together for a third time.  Too bad for Mir, Shane Carwin had other ideas.  All Frank Mir had to do was take out Carwin and he would’ve had another shot at Lesnar.  Instead, Carwin, who came into the fight as the underdog, dominated Mir and earned the title shot with Lesnar on July 3rd.  Even though it will be one day early, you can expect fireworks when the two badass Heavyweights invade the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Shane Carwin joined 104.3 the Fan in Denver with Alfred and DMac to talk about his win against Frank Mir, whether or not he thinks the fight with Brock Lesnar will be one of the biggest fights in UFC history, how he plans on beating Brock Lesnar, and reveals when the mega-fight will take place.

On his win against Mir:

“Thanks man.  It was a great feeling, a lifetime of work.  To have those achievements come to fruition, there’s no other feeling like it in the world.”

On how disappointed he was by the fact that he wasn’t able to fight Brock Lesnar when they were originally scheduled to fight:

“Absolutely.  It was like a rug got yanked out from under me.  Here was my shot at a World Championship and then it gets taken away from me.  It would be like the NFL teams getting to the Super Bowl and one team saying ‘we’re sick, we’re not gonna be able to play.’  You can imagine what those feelings are like.  It’s rough, but I knew I was gonna get the next fight and the UFC was working with me on trying to figure things out and things with Brock.  So you just move on.”

On the fight being one of the biggest fights in UFC history:

“I absolutely think you’re right.  My life has changed drastically.  Right now I’m sitting down in a brand new Malibu and it’s been a dream of mine just to get a boat to go out on the lake.  I’m having dreams fulfilled left and right.  This fight with Brock’s a dream and it’s a chance to be the biggest fight in history.  For me to be a part of it, it’s super exciting.  I’ll tell you what, the fans in Colorado and all the messages have been amazing.  We have some great fans in Colorado.”

On how he plans on beating Brock Lesnar:

“I told everybody when Brock was getting into the UFC that he was gonna be tough.  He won the National Championship around the same time I did.  He’s a great athlete and he’s a specimen.  I think one of the ways to beat Brock is on my feet and beating him with my power.  Try to avoid the takedown and being underneath him.  That’s what he excels at is being on top of people and pounding them.  That’s what Brock has done best.”

On whether or not he has any beef with Lesnar:

“Do I have any beefs with him?  No, not at all man.  I don’t ever take any of this stuff on a personal level.  I tell people when they get to start talking trash and stuff, quite frankly I laugh at it.  They asked me at a UFC press conference why is that?  I said because when I played ball on the football field, the stuff that was said out there, I said people would cry if they ever heard about how bad it is on the football field compared to the trash talk these guys talk.  There’s nothing compared to what was on the field.”

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