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Ashley Judd And Another Case Of The NCAA Being Ridiculous

The only good part about seeing Kentucky do well in the tournament was seeing more of Ashley Judd in the stands.  Back in her Double Jeopardy days when she was wearing risque dresses to the Oscars (which I can’t find anywhere online!), there was no woman hotter than her.  Then she got married to that race car driver dude and immediately loses some of her hotness.  It comes with the territory and there’s a reason that now that Jennifer Aniston is single that she’s hotter than ever. Ashley Judd joined the Dan Patrick Show on Friday to talk race car driving and Kentucky hoops.  I didn’t take much out of the interview, but she did have one great story about how she almost violated NCAA rules back when Tayshaun Prince was at UK.  This story just continues to show the NCAA in a negative light and shows how ludicrous their rules are. “I once offered Tayshaun Prince’s mother a ride somewhere and someone came running up to me afterwards saying “Honey, you can’t do that.”… She’s the most precious woman, she drove the public bus in the Nashville Public Transit System and didn’t get to see Tayshaun play very much at at all…and I was going to be going over to the Kentucky game at the University of Tennessee, I offered her a ride and Sandy Bell, our NCAA officer…she just hustled her rear end right up to me and said “Babe, you cannot do that.”

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