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As A Super Bowl Mvp Santonio Holmes Doesnt Condone The Beating Of Towel Dispensers

As A Super Bowl MVP, Santonio Holmes Doesn’t Condone The Beating of Towel Dispensers

The FG Kicker on the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers was arrested  for accosting a towel dispenser in a convenient store in Western Pennsylvania late Saturday night. Jeff Reed, who’s been as reliable as can be kicking the football for the Steelers, has been known to be a little quirky off the field. So let’s just say that his teammates weren’t overly surprised by the news of Reed’s latest antics. Listen to Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes on ESPN Radio Pittsburgh Monday talk about the Reed incident.Despite the potential legal repercussions that Reed’s behavior could bring, both from local law enforcement and from the NFL offices, Holmes sure doesn’t sound too concerned about it.

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He comments on the incident after talking about how his life has changed since his epic performance against the Cardinals in the Super Bowl:

“No I ain’t ever got mad at a paper towel dispenser.”

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