After Being Blanked by The Bears, Brandon Marshall And The Miami Dolphins are in Trouble in the AFC Playoff Picture


After Being Blanked by the Bears, Brandon Marshall and the Miami Dolphins are in Trouble in the AFC Playoff Picture

With just one game remaining in Week 11 of the NFL, it’s getting to be about that time when folks start breaking down the myriad playoff scenarios in each conference. At 5-5, are the Miami Dolphins out of it? In all likelihood, they’re cooked in the AFC East division, as both the Patriots and the Jets are three games clear of Miami. It’s not looking great in the Wild Card picture either, though there’s slightly more reason to be optimistic there.The Dolphins need to win out, and that’s going to be hard given their quarterback situation. Heck, they couldn’t muster a single point last Thursday night against a Chicago Bears defense that’s given up its fair share of points this season.Brandon Marshall joined The Michael Irvin Show on WQAM in Miami to talk about coming up gimpy during last Thursday night’s loss, how much difference the Dolphins’ banged up offensive line had on the team’s offensive strategy, the mood in the Miami locker room after the loss, how he doesn’t think Miami’s out of it just yet, the competitive but friendly trash-talking that was going on between him and Jay Cutler all night, and how he’s not ready to write off Chad Henne as the potential quarterback of the future of the Dolphins moving forward.

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On the injury sustained during last Thursday’s loss:

“You know, the policy here is coach usually answers all of those questions as far as injuries go. So, I’m going to let coach and everyone else know what’s going on with the injury. It’s not me, it’s our policy, I just want to stick by that.”
On how much affect the banged up state of the offensive line had on the Dolphins’ offensive strategy:
“We stuck with our gameplan, and we continued to prepare the way we always have. When a guy goes down, it’s the National Football League, a guy steps up and it’s an opportunity for that guy. So I got my opportunity when a guy went down, and I became the number one and didn’t look back. So, we don’t want to see our teammates go down, but it’s a business and there’s opportunities for other guys when things like that happen.”

On the mood of the Miami locker room after the crippling loss:

“We were disappointed. We were disappointed. We didn’t accomplish what we set out to do. We more than capable of being in that game and winning that game, but as we all know, we took different turns of stalling our team – myself included dropping two balls and getting a dumb penalty playing around with Jay Cutler. That’s not acceptable, especially in a game like that. So we were all disappointed.

On the trash-talking that was going on all day between him and Jay Cutler:

“That’s just Jay. Like I said, we were going at it like brothers before the game. Before the game I asked him how many times he was going to get sacked today, and he said as many times as you catch a ball, so he said two or three. But that’s just our relationship man. We compete, and ask him he’ll say the same thing. After the game we talked and there’s nothing bad there.”

On if there’s a feeling of uncertainty in Miami about the quarterback situation moving forward:

“Well I mean, I wouldn’t say we don’t have the quarterback of the future. Henne is more than capable of being the starter and an All-Pro in this league. Again, this wasn’t based on just Henne, it was on all of us – receivers, offensive line, it’s on all of us. So we have to do a better job of doing our job around him. From here, we’ve just got to keep fighting, keep battling, there’s AFC games left, and more than an opportunity to still accomplish our goals. It’s going to be tough for every team. Our situation isn’t unique.”

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