Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Wants To Retire In Chicago

Brandon Marshall appears to be hitting his stride in his reunion season with Jay Cutler in Chicago. He and Cutler dominated the Cowboys on Monday night, and Marshall thinks his and Cutler’s familiarity with Rob Ryan’s schemes played a major role. But that performance has Marshall feeling particularly good about his life in Chicago. Enough so that he’s now declaring he’d like to spend the rest of his career in the city. Brandon Marshall joined The Afternoon Saloon on ESPN Radio Chicago to discuss Monday night’s game, his future with the Bears and his struggle with borderline personality disorder.

On being prepared for the Cowboys last week because of his familiarity with Rob Ryan’s system:

“We definitely watched film and felt that we were familiar with Coach Ryan and the scheme that he’s playing this year, being in Denver and playing against him for a few years. So we were comfortable with what we saw on film and Coach Tice and Coach Bates and Jay [Cutler] did a great job of game-planning and making things happen.”

On wanting to retire as a Chicago Bear:

“I continue to take care of my body, continue to do the right things on and off he field, I think I have a chance to retire as a Bear. I never wanna make absolute statements, but I really can’t see past this organization for me. I love football, but at this level and at this point in my career, only certain situations, certain environments, make it fun. And this is an environment where — you guys saw last night — I felt like I was a 6-year-old kid out there, and I want to continue to play that way and continue to have that joy in my heart. And I have it here, and hopefully we win here and I have that opportunity — like a lot of other guys — to end my career as a Bear. I’m excited.”

On discovering he suffers from borderline personality disorder:

“Sometimes traumatic events is what can cause it. Of course, since I’ve been in the NFL there’s been a few things that happened in my life that’s really been traumatic. And when you have certain things like that that go on, definitely emotionally, you need to work through it the right way. And I didn’t get the right help, the right treatment, and it just spiraled out of control for me, where I went into a deep depression, very isolated. And I was walking around as a ticking time bomb.”

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