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We Don’t Need No Stinkin Manny

Doug Flutie, Jimmy Rollins, Barry Sanders, Wes Welker, Spud Webb, and now Dustin Pedroia. Guys I love and they all have one thing in common.  They’re short and they lie about their height like me!  I totally have that little guy chip on my shoulder and so do all these players.  At one time or another, they were all told they were too short and didn’t have the physical tools to succeed in professional sports. It was that talk that drives these guys to succeed. Ok, off my Napoleon complex bandwagon for a bit. Last year, Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox followed up his Rookie of the Year Award with the AL MVP.  He hit. 326 with 213 hits, 54 doubles, 118 runs scored, 17 home runs, 83 rbi’s, 20 stolen bases, and a Gold Glove award. Not too shabby for his second season. Pedroia joined Dennis and Callahan on WEEI in Boston on Monday morning from spring training.  He’s a great interview and not one of those guys that always spews the company line and pc answers.

Here’s Pedroia When Asked if He’s Finally Silenced the Doubters:

“Let’s talk about you guys. You guys were the biggest, not on the bandwagon I’ve ever seen.  You guys were crushing me that first month.”

Pedroia Says the Sox Lineup Will Be Fine Without Manny:

“If you look up and down our lineup, there are tons of guys that have done a lot of things.  Jacoby is probably going to hit leadoff, he lead the league in stolen bases.  I lead the league in a couple of categories.  Youk won the Hank Aaron award. Jason Bay hit 30 home runs.  Mike Lowell is a World Series MVP.  JD carried us for a couple of months.  There’s a lot of guys that are going to do a lot of good things offensively.  We’re not going to miss Manny at all.”

When Asked Again About Manny, Pedroia (I Love His Cockiness) Had This to Say:

“Nah, you guys heard me. You can play it back..  That’s what the radio is good for, playbacks.”
On taking steroids: “That’s cheating yourself.  I’m mentally tough to know I don’t need that stuff.”
Listen to Dustin Pedroia on WEEI in Boston

5 Responses to “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Manny”

Pedroia is right, in the sense there is only 1 weak spot in the lineup, Varitek. One-eight this lineup is solid in most places, gifted(Pedroia, Ortiz, Bay, Youklis) in others. If Lowell & Ortiz are healthy, the Sox have 5 guys(Ortiz,Bay,Drew,Lowell,Youklis) who should hit 25-30 hrs. More important, with Lowell@3rd & Youk@ 1st the defense will give the pitching staff superior support. I really like the layering of depth epstein did with the pitching staff.

The Little Shit Put His Money Where His Mouth is but People Still Perceive Him a Cocky Little. I Hope Still Does Well but I Hope He Learns to Talk About His Team Mates With a Little More Respect,

He has put his money where his mouth is and Mandy ins’t a team mate anymore. Mandy is ascum bag that tanked games on purpose year after year. Dustin plays his heart out and Mandy is not even with a team yet, why is that? Oh yes becasue he’s a old man beating puzzy at best. Good bye Mandy, go to hell where you belong! Thats why Dustin is paid to hit a ball, theres not too much upstairs. I love the guy, who doesn’t, but saying a baseball team won’t miss Manny is like claiming beer tastes bad or that Halle Berry is ugly. I know one guy who will never say the Sox won’t miss Manny, Big Papi. If Papi has a good year they’ll walk him everytime, the opposition simply couldn’t do that when Manny was behind him, if they did pitch around Papi there was a high price to pay. You can talk about Youk until you’re blue in the face, Youk is a great player, but he just isn’t a cleanup hitter.

Yeah right Pedroia. Pedroia only won the MVP because Manny isn’t on the team anymore. Perdroia is in denial. Pedroia is deliberately avoiding the truth and inevitable. Manny WILL be missed. FACT. Cant replace his numbers. No one on the team will. Pedroia is insane if he thinks the red sox will be just as effective offensively. No one on the team is a spark like Manny was. A player like Manny makes the team better. Face it. Without the one-two punch(manny and david) the red sox will be flat boring. They are ordinary now…that lineup wont intimidate any team this season….get used to it….the curse is back(curse of the Manbino). Perdroia will eat his words sometime during the season when the realization of how important Manny was to the team, or any team to say the least.

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