UFC President Dana White Is No Longer Furious With Jon “Bones” Jones But Still Plans to Talk With Him Before UFC 152

There is one story in the UFC that just won’t go away. Since the decision by Jon “Bones” Jones to not accept a fight with Chael Sonnen on short notice to save the UFC 151 card, it’s the story that just won’t die. The President of the UFC made his feelings on the issue very clear and hasn’t backed down since. White was not happy with Jones and plan on getting together with the light heavyweight champ in about a week to talk things over. White won’t hold a grudge and he knows how important “Bones” is to the UFC so it’s time for all parties to leave the past behind them and focus on what is next for a sport that continues to grow at a rapid pace. Dana White joined 790 the Ticket in Miami on the Dan LeBatard Show to talk about whether he is still furious with Jon Jones, on Jones not wanting to take the fight because he only had eight days notice, on the talks behind the scenes with Jones, whether Georges St. Pierre will fight Anderson Silva in the future and how big of a fight it would be if St. Pierre and Silva got together in the future.

Whether he is still furious with Jon “Bones” Jones:

“No, I’m not furious anymore. I’ve calmed down a little bit and kind of put it behind me. We had a 12 year run, 12 years of never having to cancel an event. All good streaks come to an end.”

On Jon “Bones” Jones not wanting to take the fight because he only had eight days notice:

“He didn’t have eight days notice, he had a full training camp. (Host: Not for this opponent.) Chael Sonnen had eight days notice and Chael Sonnen said I will fly in and fight him tonight with no training camp whatsoever. Jonny Bones Jones is the world champion, he’s beat all the top guys out there and Chael Sonnen weigdhe 185 pounds, was moving up to 205 to fight Jon Jones because they had been talking smack on Twitter for a month and its craziness.”

On the behind the scenes talks with Jones:

“We were talking the night before and that whole morning leading up to the press conference. When I first called Jon, he laughed and was like ‘alright man let me talk to my team and I will call you back.’ It was actually Greg Jackson, one of his coaches who said if you take this fight it will be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your career which is one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever heard. I don’t know. Without really going crazy on Jackson, the guy is just a really goofy dude. I don’t know.”

Whether Georges St. Pierre will fight Anderson Silva in the future:

“Georges St. Pierre comes back in November and he’s fighting Carlos Condit which is a very tough fight. I don’t know why people are overlooking Carlos Condit like this, he is the interim welterweight champion and Georges St. Pierre is the welterweight champ so that’s champion versus champion and if he wins that fight then yes we are probably going to see Anderson Silva versus George St. Pierre next and were talking about doing it down at Dallas Texas Stadium.”

How big of a fight it would be between Silva and St. Pierre:

“Here’s the thing about Georges St. Pierre, he’s probably the best wrestler in the UFC. The guy gets anybody down and guys who have never been taken down before get taken down by George St. Pierre and he gets that top position and does damage. We’ve seen in the past the only chink in Anderson Silva’s armor is when people get him to the ground. I just think it’s a very interesting fight and you’re talking about the number one and number two best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.”

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