Tim Tebow “Just Wants to Play Football Today”

Josh McDaniels will clearly forever be linked to quarterbacks. But which one(s)? McDaniels has essentially cleaned house since he came to Denver, shipping Jay Cutler out as well as other notable names like Brandon Marshall. Don’t lose track of those his regime has brought in in the process, especially at quarterback. Kyle Orton was acquired from the Bears in the deal for Cutler. Then, the Broncos picked up Brady Quinn from Cleveland. And most recently, Denver drafted Tim Tebow in the first round. McDaniels is not necessarily pinning his career on the Tim Tebow’s or the decision to get rid of Jay Cutler. Like all coaches, his career in Denver will hinge on winning. If anything, McDaniels has actually bought himself more time to figure out which young quarterback is best and prove he can win with that player. Instead of a head coaching career that could be finished in a year if the team did not do too well, the team (and the fans) will have to give him at least two more seasons to develop his quarterback of the future..

And if Tebow never sees the field, but Brady Quinn leads the team to the multiple division titles, McDaniels will be fine – assuming Cutler isn’t winning Super Bowls in Chicago. Tim Tebow joined Alfred and DMac on 104.3 the Fan in Denver to talk about contract negotiations, transitioning from college to the pros,what he has learned, and his faith.

On contract negotiations as a first round quarterback:

“We haven’t even talked about it. I’m not even worried about that. I’m going to go and go play football. That’s what I am here to do is play football. I’m going to let them and my agent handle that. I’m not even worried about that. I’m not worried about material things. I’m going to learn this offense and try to compete, play football and get better every day. I don’t want to hold out. I want to play football. I want to play football today.”

On what he has learned from this process:

“I’ve learned a lot. To be able to just say it right now, we would not have enough time in this interview. I’ve learned so much. On of the number of things that I have learned in life in this process is that when you believe in yourself and you have people around you who believe in you, and you go out there and you go outwork your competition and you go do what it takes to be successful and do everything you can, you can outwork people and therefore, you can be better than those people. You can reach your dreams.”

On how he can make a the conversion from the spread offense to the pro game:

“The first thing that I would say to that is that a lot of the empty package that Coach McDaniels uses here, he got from Coach Meyer back when they were at Utah when New England came studied the five-wide, the empty package that we ran at Florida. So we do have a lot of the similarities there. Yes, a lot of the under center stuff is different. That’s something that I will have to get used to and work on. I can do all things that I’ve done in college from the shotgun, I believe I can take a three, five and seven step drop and that’s something I just believe is repetition. I’ll go out there and do it as many times as I need to. It’s something I can work on. At Florida, I was asked to do a certain thing. I was asked to make certain reads, to make certain reads and to do it in a certain way. And I tried to do that the best of my ability, and we had some success doing that. Now that I’m asked to something different, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. I’m going to learn how to do it well and do it as best I can. It’s something that I am going to have to learn that’s different. I believe I can do that and the Denver Broncos do as well.”

And on what obligation he feels he has to share his faith with his teammates:

“That’s not how I go about it and how I approach it. I live out my faith and that’s how I approach it. I never, ever think of going out there and approaching my faith of talking to other guys. I try to live it. If they approach me and want to talk to me, that’s how I do it. I’d say ‘Absolutely.’ I’m here to talk to guys and, more importantly, I’m here to befriend guys and let them know that this makes a difference in my life.”

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