Tim Tebow Broncos 2011 Rookie Quarterback Class

Tim Tebow’s Message To 2011 Rookie Quarterback Class: “Don’t think you have already arrived.”
May 9, 2011 – 6:00 am by Steven Cuce
Tim Tebow — the maybe, sort of starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, in the words of our radio pal Dan Patrick. As the NFL lockout continues to dominate the landscape of the football kingdom, there’s always room for speculation, because quite frankly, everyone is sick of hearing about billionaire owners fighting millionaire players for even more money.
In the “Mile-High City,” the football debate swirls around the Broncos starting quarterback dilemma. Tim Tebow may be the most controversial quarterback to ever come out of the college ranks. Former Broncos head coach, Josh McDaniels, took a chance on the well polished young man only to be ripped by the critics for taking the former Florida Gator. Soon after the legendary John Elway took over the reins in Denver, the rumor mill had “The Comeback Kid” counting Tebow out as the starting quarterback. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, but one thing is for sure — when the whistle finally blows to start the NFL season, there will be quite the competition in Denver between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the starting quarterback dilemma in Denver, keeping in touch with Kyle Orton in the off-season, the Broncos’ first round pick Von Miller, the comparisons between Cam Newton and himself coming out of college, what advice he would give rookie quarterbacks entering the NFL, and where he believes Urban Meyer will coach when he comes out of retirement.
Who’s the starting quarterback in Denver?
“Well I’m just excited to…when they let us go back and starting playing…I’m excited to go back and start competing. That’ll be something I looked forward to all off-season. It’s been a great off-season and I think everybody is going to get in there with a mindset to go compete and that’s how you earn positions and you wouldn’t want it any other way.”
Do you talk to Kyle Orton in the off-season?
“No, I mean we haven’t talked too much, but we have a great relationship. I’ll look forward to going in there and just competing.”
What do you think of the Broncos drafting Von Miller instead of giving you a wide receiver?

“Well I think it’s a great choice because I think Von Miller is going to be a great player. I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with him. He’s a high character guy. He’s a very blessed athlete. I think he’s going to bring not only great athleticism to our linebacker position, but also just a confidence and a high character that I think we need. I think he’s going to deliver and be a great pick for us.”
What do you make of the comparisons between you and Cam Newton?
“There will obviously be a lot of comparisons because we were both at Florida. We both played in a spread offense. We both ran a lot. We’re both physical players. We both were blessed to win a championship and the Heisman, so people will always make comparisons with that. That’s not always a bad thing because we do have in some parts of our game… they are similar. I wish him the best of luck in Carolina. I believe he’ll do a good job.”
What advice what you give to these guys [rookie quarterbacks] that you tried to absorb in your rookie year? The one thing that would stand out?
“I think it’s to be humble. It’s not to go in there thinking that you know anything. It’s to go in there and absolutely learn, be humble, take everything in, and work as hard as you possibly can. You need to be the first one in and the last one to leave, absorb everything, from the players and coaches, and don’t think you have already arrived because the moment you’ve done that then you will have your humbling moment. It’s constantly going to work and waiting for your opportunities and when you get your opportunity to go in there and make a difference take advantage of it. Those are the biggest things I would say that the rookie quarterbacks should keep their minds on.”
You think Urban Meyer will coach in the pro’s or go back to college?
“I think his love is college. I think he will be coaching in college again in the next few years and I’m excited to see where he will be coaching and I’m getting ready to go tee off with him in a few minutes. I’ll ask him for you. I’ll tell him to give you a call.”
Listen to Tim Tebow on The Dan Patrick show here
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