Tim Brown: Dez Bryant Shouldn’t Return Kicks Again, Cecil Newton Shouldn’t Show Up For the Heisman Ceremony and the NCAA Shouldn’t Rule Players Ineligible Once They Move On From College

NFL Hall of Famer and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown makes some good points. I at least agree with two out of the three. First, speaking after the injury to Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, Brown says the rookie should no longer return kicks after suffering a season-ending injury. Hard to argue with that. Bryant has a had a huge impact this season, and a lot of that has been in the return game, but let him return punts and not kicks so he can have an impact long-term. Then, Brown takes off on the college football angles. He says Cecil Newton, Cam Newton’s father, shouldn’t be at the Heisman Trophy ceremony. The fact that he could be there is an absolute joke. If you want us to believe he didn’t have any impact on his son’s life to the point that Cam Newton had no idea that his father shopped him, you can’t say that he’s an important enough figure to be at the ceremony. Then Brown goes on to say that the NCAA shouldn’t be able to rule players ineligible after the fact. There’s no way the NCAA could adopt that because there’s no way to argue that they always have all the facts straight by the time graduation rolls around, but kudos to Brown for at least arguing intelligently. Tim Brown joined ESPN Dallas with Galloway & Co. to discuss whether Dez Bryant should return punts and kicks when he recovers from his injury, coming back from tough injuries, why Cecil Newton shouldn’t be at the Heisman ceremony, people coming out and saying they didn’t vote for Cam Newton and the history that could be dug up surrounding a lot of Heisman winners.

On whether the Dallas Cowboys should ever use Dez Bryant as a returner every again:

“Well, you know, my second year in the league, in Oakland, I returned a kickoff versus San Diego I tore my knee up and ended up missing the next 15 games of the year. Now, mine was a little different. I saw the guy coming and tried to cut, but the grass gave way. It was in L.A., which, at the time, USC was playing there, it was a pretty beat-up field. I actually told David Wells, who actually lives right down the street from me — and actually Dez Bryant does, too — I told David just a couple two or three weeks ago, I said, ‘Man, talk him out of returning kickoffs.’ … I didn’t think he should be returning kickoffs because he’s 6-2, 6-3, he has sort of a long gait and that doesn’t bode well when you have to make a quick, sudden move. … David hasn’t spoken to me since then. He’s thinking that I sort of brought that about.”

On continuing to return kicks after his injury:

“When I came into the league, the one thing that I realized is that I can return punts and kickoffs in the NFL. I didn’t know about playing wide receiver because at Notre Dame, crazy offenses, but I was very confident as far as being able to return punts and kickoffs. When I tore my knee up, they wouldn’t allow me to return kickoffs anymore. … I wanted to go back and return punts and I did. … I’m the oldest man in the NFL to return a punt. … Punt returns, I always felt like I could protect myself, but kick returns are something totally different.”

On coming back from the injury:

“If you’re going to do something in the NFL, what you really want to do is break a bone because that’s the easiest thing to come back from. Ligaments is something totally different.”

On not wanting Cecil Newton at the Heisman Trophy presentation this week:

“My point is this, if he apologizes and I haven’t heard, he may have apologized, but I don’t think the public has heard that apology. I think he needs to do that first. I think he needs to clear the way, because, if not, then the cameras are going to be squarely on him the whole night. I think it’s sort of unfair to put his son in that position. It’s going to be his son’s biggest night ever … and it’s going to be taken away.”

On whether he voted for Cam Newton:

“Oh absolutely.”

On media members coming out with columns saying they won’t vote for Newton:

“I think that’s absolutely wrong. I think the one thing they give us, they give us a list of eligible players to be voted on. Once these guys are declared eligible then those are the guys that we can vote for. For someone to play judge and jury here, that’s not right. The last thing I would want to have happen, moreso than having the NCAA come back two years from now and say, ‘Oh yeah, we found all this stuff that Cam had done,’ even worse than that to me is giving the award to someone who is not deserving of it.”

On the history of Heisman winners with trouble:

“Well, you know, and this is the question, if they were to go back in everybody’s past, there might be two guys standing up there: Me and somebody else. … This is what I’m saying to the NCAA, if you’re going to declare somebody ineligible, you have to do it in the season of their eligibility. You cannot come back five years from now and cause this kind of a stink. You guys had this stuff on the table at that particular time. … I think it’s awfully wrong of them to put everybody in the position where they can come back five years later and say, ‘Oh yeah, we missed it then but we found something here.’”

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