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The Washington Redskins Are “Serious About Competition”

The Washington Redskins are “Serious About Competition”

What’s next for the Washington Redskins? Bringing in Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates to compete for playing time with Chris Cooley? Washington has money and apparently loves stockpiling veteran talent no matter the price or the age. The recent trade for Donovan McNabb (33), who will “compete” with Jason Campbell (28) at quarterback, is grabbing all the headlines, but it’s just one of several interesting moves for this team. This off-season, the Redskins signed Larry Johnson (30) and Willie Parker (29) at running back to compete with Clinton Portis (28) and Maake Kemoeatu (31) to play with Albert Haynesworth (28) at defensive tackle. Plus, the team also brought in 57 year-old Mike Shanahan to coach the team.It may not be a conventional strategy, but it’s not all surprising for the Redskins to spend money and make moves, especially in a year without a cap.

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But is that much competition within the team good for the team?

Clinton Portis joined Hardcore Sports Radio to discuss adding Donovan McNabb, trading within the division, competing for jobs, playing for Mike Shanahan and his costumes.

On his reaction to the addition of Donovan McNabb:

“The initial reaction was shock. I started fielding phone calls and I hurried up and turned on the TV because I thought it was a joke. I turned the TV to ESPN and I seen it on ESPN and I was like, ‘the Redskins are serious about the competition side of things this year.’”

On trading within the division:

“That was the most shocking thing about it. For the relationship and for him to carry that team to five NFC Championship Games and then being able to turn around and play as a rivalry opponent, that was shocking. I’m sure Donovan will have a lot to prove. He’ll look forward to those games.”

On what this means to Jason Campbell:

“I think Jason is just looking at it as the competition side of things. As far as the Redskins, they are bringing in competition. For myself, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker came in and those two guys will help the team out and bring a lot to the table. LJ has led the league in rushing and Willie won the Super Bowl. The competition is there. The Redskins is at the point within the organization where they want to win. When you put competition at key positions, it’s going to bring out the best in everybody. I think Jason is going to look at the positive in it and know he got to go out and compete and has got the opportunity to work with Donovan McNabb. The best player is going to prevail.”

On playing for Mike Shanahan:

“It’s refreshing man. At the time that I went to Denver, I knew that Coach Shanahan was a great coach… You learn to appreciate and respect the coaches. I think my first stint with Coach Shanahan, it was just fun. This year, having the luxury of having him back is like a blessing in disguise. I know he is going to be a great coach and bring a lot to this organization and get us headed in the right direction. We are just looking forward to playing for him.”

And on breaking out some new costumes this season:

“I think I always have tricks. But, like you said, it’s turning into the No Fun League. You begin to take so much heat that it takes the joy out of it. The costumes for me was about fun amongst my teammates and bringing smiles to households. And all the sudden it leads to me having problems and a cry out for help and everything else. I would love to. One day I will. I just need to get back to being me. For a couple years, it was more of me being a fall guy. I think this year, with all talent we have and all the potential we have, I can get back to being me and having fun.”

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