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The Saga Of Susan Finkelstein Continues In Court

The Saga of Susan Finkelstein Continues in Court

I’ve heard of people offering crazy things in order to get something that they want.  I’ve heard of people overpaying for tickets to see their favorite team.  I’ve heard of people overbidding to get that once-in-a-lifetime item at an auction.  I’ve also heard all the sayings.  You know what I’m talking about right?  Sayings like, I would give my right arm for a pair of tickets to get to the Super Bowl or I would offer my first born to go to the Masters.  Those are obviously ridiculous sayings.  How about I would offer sex for a pair of tickets to see the Phillies in the World Series.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, apparently not if you’re Susan Finkelstein.  And now she’s paying for it in court.

Police say that Finkelstein was so desperate to see the Phillies take on the Yankees in the World Series that she posted an ad on the website, Craigslist that basically stated she would offer sex for World Series tickets.  Thinks that’s as crazy as it gets?  Not so much.  Since that time, she has lost her job and has been charged with prostitution.  She was in court recently and cops say she sent topless pictures to them and they also say she hiked up her jean skirt and said “I’m a whore.  I love sex.  I just can’t help it.”  The odd saga of Susan Finkelstein just keeps getting more and more bizarre. Susan Finkelstein joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Scott and BR to talk about what has gone on since the time she was arrested, whether or not this has caused her to lose her change, whether or not she would be willing to pose for Playboy, and how the preliminary hearing went in court.

On what she thought would happen with this whole situation:

“I really thought the charges would be dropped.  Everyone I spoke to and even people who thought I did everything that they said I did thought the whole thing was ridiculous and they would be dropped.”

What happened in court yesterday:

“Well, believe it or not, instead of dropping the charges yesterday, they added one.  Wasn’t that nice?  (Host: They added the charge of prostitution.)  Right which according to their story actually makes more sense.  The promoting of prostitution in the colloquial way…they call it the pimp charge.  (Host: Pimp charge?)  Right and you can’t really pimp yourself out.  Either be a prostitute or a pimp, you can’t be both.”

On whether or not she sent any topless photos:

“Let me just preface that I sent them at his request.  (Host: So you did send topless photos?)  I did.  My 17 year-old niece sends topless photos to her boyfriend too.”

On whether or not she would send topless photos to others by their request:

“There’s nothing illegal about sending topless photos of yourself to somebody else.  (Host: I’m asking you to hook a brother up?)  Well, I can’t really do that because they have been entered into evidence now.”

On whether or not she would be willing to pose for Playboy:

“Well the point is I actually do need the money, so if somebody approached me and then they had a good Photoshop artist, then I’d be perfectly willing to do it.  (Host: What part of yourself do you want to get photshopped?)  I got the little belly that you wouldn’t necessarily see in Playboy.  It’s kinda normal for real women, but it’s not a Playboy girl type of thing.”

On what the police said in court:

“First of all, the short skirt was a jean skirt that came just above my knee.  It wasn’t like a tube top that I was wearing as a skirt.  Then number two, I was wearing underwear so I would have no point to doing the Sharon Stone thing.  This is funny because we had heard some rumors ahead of time that there was some buzz in the DA’s office that I had flashed them.  But it’s really weird, ‘them’, because I didn’t know there was more than one ‘till I was arrested.  So ‘them’ was weird.  Number two I was sitting next to him at the bar and really just next to him because the bar stool was right next to him.  Unless he was like kneeling down on the floor looking up my skirt, what’s the point of flashing him?”

What’s next for you:

“January 15th is my arraignment and then the trial, I’m not sure if it’s actually that particular day or like a couple of days after.  We’re looking at mid to late January for the actual trial.”

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