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Visanthe Shianco Is Ok With The World Having Seen Him Naked


Visanthe Shiancoe Is Ok With The World Having Seen Him Naked

Minnesota Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe doesn’t usually make the headlines, and he probably would have preferred not to have done so in this manner.  The unassuming TE, who has 5 TD catches on the year, was exposed to the football loving country this past Sunday – quite literally in fact – when a FOX camera crew inadvertently aired a live shot of him in the buff. Shiancoe showed his sense of humor on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday about the incident.

When asked by DP when he first learned of the incident, Shiancoe responded that teammates had already received texts and picture messages about the incident, less than an hour after it had happened:

‘We took the bus to the airport. On the bus, somebody showed me a picture that somebody had taken already.’


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