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The Big Show Is Already Itching To Get Back On The Sidelines

Mike Holmgren didn’t take long on deciding if he would return to football after deciding he needed a one year sabbatical. In fact, he only made it about three months before confirming he’ll be back in some capacity in 2010.
Holmgren is undoubtedly one of the best football minds of the past two decades. Holmgren was the Seahawks General Manager as well as Head Coach from. When he was stripped of his general manager duties, most had felt that Holmgren didn’t have what it took to do (as Bill Parcells likes to say) both the grocery shopping and the cooking.  Much of the credit for the Seahawks  Super Bowl appearance went to then General Manager Tim Ruskell, however the nucleus of the team were players drafted and brought in under the Holmgren GM reign.
Holmgren will no doubt be an attractive name on the market for any team with a coach or general manager on the hot seat in 2009. Problem being for Holmgren, the hot list of coaches looking for work also includes Jon Gruden, Mike Shanahan, and possibly Bill Cowher. Mike Holmgren joined KJR in Seattle on Tuesday to discuss his possible return to the NFL.

On if he misses being part of the NFL:

“Absolutely. I was kind of getting involved in the draft, at least watching it on television. I really had to check myself and say ‘listen, I’m don’t have to get all worked up like this anymore for this right now’. One of my purposes of taking a year off was one, how I would react to that and then kind of decide after that and react to that and see what the future held. You do something for so long and enjoy it so much, I think that’s human nature that you’re going to miss it.”

Holmgren was asked about his comments to a Washington Post reporter about returning in 2010 and what capacity he wants to return in:

“I think I want to work again. Yeah, absolutely. We’re going to take the year off and then after next season is over, we’ll see. I plan to go back to work. Now, where and what capacity that is really pretty vague. I’m going to be open. I’m looking at the hires recently and they’re hiring young coaches for one thing, and I’m a little bit of a dinosaur. I am going to be open to about any possibility.”

On if he thinks its realistic to come back and work for the Seahawks in some capacity someday:

“I would never say never. That would be kind of a nice thing if I could come back in some capacity and work for the club. Right now they’re pretty well set, and they’re going to have a good season.”

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