Terrell Owens Defends His Appearance with Dr. Phil, Again Vows an NFL Comeback


Terrell Owens Defends His Appearance with Dr. Phil, Again Vows an NFL Comeback
May 11, 2012 – 8:30 am by Eric Schmoldt
Terrell Owens taped a show with Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago that aired earlier this week much to the delight of Owens’ critics. The topic of discussion was his performance as a father and also included three of the four mothers of his children, who aren’t happy about child support payments.
Owens says he wasn’t paid to make an appearance on the program and instead went to give his side of the story. He says he put his money in the hands of folks who mismanaged it and took advantage of him and that’s why he’s asked for lower amounts of child support payments.
While all of this is going on, Owens still believes he’ll be back in the NFL, even though nobody showed up to his workout in October of last year.

Terrell Owens joined 790 The Zone in Atlanta with The Red Zone to discuss how he found himself on the Dr. Phil Show, the situation with his kids and their mothers and the child support involved, where he stands financially, if he can get back out of that hole, last year’s workouts, regrets about past situations in the NFL and playing in the IFL.
How in the world did you find yourself on TV with Dr. Phil?:
“We taped the show about three weeks ago. … I had a friend that knew somebody that worked with the Dr. Phil Show. She called me and obviously with the last couple years there’s been a lot of things going on with me personally and financially. She basically called and said they had been following my situation, because I’ve been in the news obviously with my financial situation. … With that being said, and to keep a long story short, I’ve had to cut down on everything as far as my expenses are concerned. … How I got to Dr. Phil is because the mom of my kids filed contempt because I had to cut their child support payments somewhat in half and because I didn’t work — I wasn’t playing — this past year, I have a lot going out and not a lot coming in. … She said, ‘Would you be willing to go on to kind of set the record straight about what’s going on?’ That’s kind of what I did.”
More on the situation:
“I will say, for me to be on Dr. Phil at this point in time and if I’m a deadbeat dad, why all of the sudden now am I a deadbeat dad? My oldest son is 12. Why wasn’t I a deadbeat dad 10, 11, 12 years ago? All of this basically stems and is based around the fact that their money has been cut, basically, in more than half.”
Are you broke or just not as well off as you were before? And were you compensated for the Dr. Phil Show?:
“Number one, no, I was not paid for doing Dr. Phil. I wasn’t. And the other question, no, I’m not broke. My broke, for the normal person, is not their broke. My circumstances have changed. That means I don’t make the same amount of money that I used to make. With my financial situation, people are asking how did I blow $60 million or $80 million? Those numbers are skewed. If you just kind of factor in the numbers of what I made and how many years I’ve played. Other than that, I don’t know what else to say. … I’m not an extravagant living-type person. I didn’t blow my money. My money was stolen and mismanaged. That’s a different story, but that’s why I didn’t have a problem going on Dr. Phil. I trusted people to manage my financial situation and I was taken advantage of. It’s partly my fault because I wasn’t on top of my financial situation.”
Can you dig yourself out of this spot? You mentioned a lawsuit:
“Of course I can. I’m a person of strong faith and when there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m not going to give up by any means just because of what the critics may say. I believe in God and I believe anything and everything is possible.”
What were your thoughts after your in-season workout last year where nobody showed up?:
“I kind of anticipated that. Getting into the nature and the time of the workout, at the end of October … it wasn’t discouraging to me. I just wanted to put out there considering where I was and the timing of post-surgery, just to give people an idea of where I was. … Now I’m far in better shape and further along in my rehab process.”
If you could do it all over again with your quarterback relationships in the past, would you change anything?:
“I’ve always said that there are things and situations that I would have done differently when it comes to those situations. To say I’m black-balled, that’s a strong topic. I really don’t want to take it there. My thing is, just let me have an opportunity to go out on my own terms. … I know I can still play. I’m working out every week. … The things that have happened throughout the course of my career, I was younger then and I made mistakes. We all do.”
How humbling is it that you’re currently lining up in the Indoor Football League?:
“It definitely puts life in perspective. Everything happens for a reason. It’s very humbling to be in this situation, but I take any situation head on, just like I did with the Dr. Phil thing. … My thing is I came from nothing, so for me to be in that situation, it’s one of those things I just deal with it. There are some competitive and talented guys in that league.”
Listen to Terrell Owens on 790 The Zone in Atlanta here, here, here and here
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