Stevie Johnson Isn’t Worried About Anything But Winning Games

I think the Buffalo Bills have done enough to prove they are for real and they are not going anywhere. Even though they stumbled in Cincinnati two weeks ago and gave the game away against the Bengals, the Bills bounced back nicely this past week against the Philadelphia Eagles. Sure it went down to the wire against the Eagles, but Buffalo dominated the so-called Dream Team. They ran the ball down their throat and they harassed Michael Vick all day long. People should stop asking themselves whether or not the Bills are contenders. Stevie Johnson joined WGR in Buffalo with Schopp and Bulldog to talk about whether or not they are concerned with people still doubting them, how nice it was to have the crowd going nuts the way they were on Sunday, whether or not he believes in Chan Gailey, if the Bills were actually going to run a play on fourth down when they got the defense to jump offsides, and if he looked at Sunday’s game against the Eagles as a way to show the world once again how good they are.

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Whether or not the team is concerned with people still doubting them:

“Right now it’s about winning football games. The whole are we gonna be good? Are we good? Are we contenders or pretenders? It was all like in the beginning of the season, but now that we are five weeks deep into the season it’s just about winning games now. We can’t worry about what people are saying if we’re legit. That conversation may go on all the way till we win the Super Bowl so we just have to worry about winning games week in and week out.”

On the crowd Sunday:

“Yeah most definitely and that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to bring those good times back. There has been a drought for too long and it’s time we get back to the winning, what people around here are used to. Not this playing good and losing in the end. It’s time to get back to the wins. Like I said in the past it’s much better this way.”

Whether or not he has the utmost confidence in Chan Gailey:

“Most definitely. It all started when coach took the job to coach the Bills when nobody else wanted to. That’s where it all started for me personally to be able to ride with my coach and whatever game plan he has. Whether he has me blocking all game or whatnot I’m doing all that and it doesn’t matter because he took a chance on us so why not go all out for him?”

Whether or not the Bills were actually going to run a play on fourth and one when the Eagles jumped offsides:

“It’s football. They gotta be able to play the game. We got them to jump offsides and we won the game.”

How he would feel about a guy like Terrell Owens or Randy Moss coming to Buffalo:

“I think it wouldn’t matter if we were to bring in a guy like Owens or Moss. We know our team and we know what we have to do and if we bring those guys in I’m pretty sure they’ll be on board because they have seen what happened without them. Obviously it’s working. They come in, play their role, and I think we’ll still be successful but that decision goes to the guys upstairs. We just play. We don’t worry about who we’re gonna bring in and who’s gonna try out for us. We just line up and play so whatever happens we’ll see what happens in the future.”

On the game this past weekend against the Eagles being another chance to show how good the Bills are:

“I don’t really think of it like that I just thought of it as an opportunity to show the world who we are and I can’t lie I was a little frustrated in the game because I wanted to attack Nnamdi (Asomugha), (Dominique-Rodgers) Cromartie, and Asante (Samuel) and I wanted to show that I can play on their level and my receivers can match up against those guys, but it’s obvious that Freddie got off to a great start so we were gonna roll with that. I couldn’t be too mad at the fact that we had a guy running the ball all over the place and doing his thing. Play my role, do what I was supposed to do, and I will have plenty of opportunities to show who we are as a receiving group. That Sunday wasn’t our day, it was all Freddie J.

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