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Steven Jackson Encouraged the Rams Hung with Lions Despite Mistakes
September 12, 2012 – 6:00 am by Brad Gagnon
The St. Louis Rams nearly pulled off an upset in Detroit Sunday, and it had little to do with their best offensive player, Steven Jackson. The veteran back was stuffed time and again by the Lions’ defensive front, but a few mistakes from the Detroit offense kept St. Louis in the game.

Steven Jackson joined The Fast Lane on ESPN 101 in St. Louis to discuss how the Rams dealt with a stacked Detroit defensive front and how he felt about the performance in Detroit as a whole.
On how they cope when teams load the box, as the Lions were doing Sunday:
“You continue to call the run and keep the defense honest, but we have to take advantage of one, the one-on-one matchups on the outside, and two, we were still moving the ball, although they were pretty stingy against the run — when we were having success we had a couple mistakes that came up that kind of hurt us. One of them we were able to still get points out of but we can’t do that.”
On if he was encouraged by the performance in Detroit:
“I was encouraged to see the way the guys immediately competed. Being a young team, seeing guys play at a high level and not back down from a tough, physical playoff team that was the Detroit Lions. We take no moral victory from it but we know that we have plenty of opportunities to get better. That being said, we made mistakes, and had we corrected the mistakes we would have won the game.”
On what encouraged him most about the performance:
“Seeing all the mistakes that we made and only losing by a small amount, that makes me still very optimistic about where we’re going and where we’re headed.”
Listen to Steven Jackson on ESPN 101 here
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