Shane Carwin Would Love a Rematch with Brock Lesnar

Shane Carwin Would Love a Rematch with Brock Lesnar

Last month Shane Carwin looked like he was going to take the heavyweight championship belt from Brock Lesnar and hand him his second loss in MMA. Carwin came out in the first round, controlled the fight, and gave Brock Lesnar the biggest beating of his young MMA career. But Carwin wasn’t able to finish him and ran out of gas after putting his all into trying to stop Lesnar in the first round. Lesnar had a remarkable comeback that ended with him retaining his championship belt and handing Carwin his first UFC loss.Shane Carwin joined KJR in Seattle with Ian Furness to talk about rebounding from his first loss, whether or not he replays the first round against Brock Lesnar in his head, whether or not he likes Brock Lesnar, what he thinks he can learn from a loss, what went wrong after the first round, what’s next for him in the UFC, and his thoughts on Roy Nelson.

On whether or not he still thinks back to the fight against Lesnar and thinks about what he could’ve done differently:

“I thought about it and the things that we could’ve changed and I don’t know if it woulda changed anything. The referee told Brock at least a couple of occasions that he needed to fight back and when you’re the guy and you’re on top and you’re hearing that it makes you want to rain down punches that much harder and that much faster to try and get the stoppage. That’s just who I am. I go in for the kill and I don’t know if there’s too much change in that. It was an exciting fight and there’s some things that I need to work on that will come out of it. Maybe next time if I knock him down, I will just tell him to get back up.”

On whether or not he likes Brock Lesnar:

“No. I have a lot of respect for Brock. I know he came out, flipped off the fans at UFC 100 and said some things that I didn’t think were appropriate and I commented on that. That was it. There was never any animosity between us or anything like that. Just two guys that like to get in there, compete, and give it their all.”

On what he can take away from a loss:

“Absolutely. I think there’s more things that you can take away from a loss, things that you need to work on and improve. The same goes for wins as well. You have to look at the overall picture. I knew where I was at with the sport and being a heavyweight with four ounce gloves that anything is possible and it’s possible to get caught by anyone in this sport and that’s what I think makes it so exciting.”

On whether or not he was out of gas after the first round:

“Yeah. I put all my eggs in that basket trying to finish him. I remember getting up after the first round and I could barely stand up. I felt like. Went back into the corner and told my coaches. But I went back out there and tried to recover and give it my all, but at the same time, I think I put everything into finishing him in that first round.”

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