Roy Williams: Michael Irvin Ticked Me Off

Roy Williams: Michael Irvin Ticked Me Off

Welcome back, Roy Williams. Between veteran targets Jason Witten and Miles Austin and outspoken newcomer Dez Bryant, it seemed like the “other’ Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was destined to fade into oblivion. Maybe not just yet.Williams caught five passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns in the Cowboys’ desperately needed victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday. That was his biggest week, at least in terms of yardage, since Week 3 of the  NFL season, and it was just the third time over that span that he produced multiple touchdowns in a single game.Is it all thanks to Bryant, the rookie, being there to push him? Nope. Williams said it was another Dallas wide receiver NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin that provided the inspiration.Roy Williams joined KILT in Houston with Dan Matthews to discuss his big game, Michael Irvin supplying the motivating factors that helped provide it, one of the plays that led to a touchdown, why he supplied a “Hook’em Horns” after he scored and whether the bye comes at a bad time for Dallas.

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On his mentality so far this season:

“Just try to make a play. That’s what I’ve been trying to do the first three weeks and just be consistent. I’ve been under the radar and nobody’s talked about me and I still want that. Don’t talk about me, just talk about everybody else.”

On whether Dez Bryant’s addition has motivated him:

“No, not at all. I had this determination before anything. If anything, Michael Irvin picked me up a little bit with the 10-on-11 comment. That really ticked me off and that’s taken me to another level. My thing is just be consistent, don’t worry about what everybody else says and just do my job.”

On the long second touchdown:

“On the second one, I told Romo to give me the fade and he shook me off, ‘Run the play.’ I said, ‘No, give me the fade.’ And he shook me off so I had to stay with what he did. He put it on me and I just took off running. It was an Alabama guy and I had to get him back for the championship game.”

On whether that’s why he did the “Hook’em Horns” after the TD:

“No, that’s every touchdown. But I really meant that one for him.”

On how badly the win was needed to avoid :

“Wade [Phillips] did a great job of motivating this football team, especially [Saturday] night in the meeting. He said, ‘Pick somebody out to play for, because there’s more things out there that’s bigger than football. Why don’t you just play for that person?’ I think 53 guys just picked somebody and played for that person and showed it.”

On whether the bye comes at a bad time:

“It’s alright. I think it came at a great time. We’re a 1-2 football team, we haven’t won the Super Bowl, we’re not in the playoffs. That’s the reality. We’re 1-2 and we still have to work. We get a nice break, think about it and then come back to work.”

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