Sam Bradford: Brian Schottenheimer Arrival has “Excited Everyone in Our Offense”

Sam Bradford: Brian Schottenheimer Arrival has “Excited Everyone in Our Offense”
August 20, 2012 – 8:00 am by Brad Gagnon
Sam Bradford’s career is off to an inconsistent start. After a very trying second season, the former No. 1 overall pick appears to be back on track this summer. Teams can rise from the bottom to the top overnight in this league, and Bradford and the Rams are upbeat headed into Sam’s third season.

Sam Bradford joined The Fastlane on ESPN 101 in St. Louis to discuss the practice restrictions attached to the new CBA, to give his thoughts on the new offense and to reflect on a funny moment from last season.
On the practice restrictions included in the new collective bargaining agreement:
“At my position it pretty much stays the same regardless. … I don’t think I was really in the league long enough to really make that call. I know my first year we had two-a-days and were able to wear pads more, but to me it really doesn’t seem that much different.”
On new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer:
“I really like working with Schotty. I think he’s a very smart coach, a very smart coordinator. I’ve really enjoyed learning his offense and getting to know his offensive philosophy. I think what we’re doing this year is gonna be really good for us as a team. And like you said, I think it’s excited everyone in our offense. In the meeting rooms everyone seems more in-tuned, everyone’s eager to learn what we’re doing because I think everyone believes that if we go out and execute his plan we will have success.”
On making a girl cry by signing her ‘Marry Me’ sign at a game last season:
“I did see that. I think I actually caught a little bit of a hard time from some of my teammates and some of my buddies back home who saw that, but any time you get a reaction like that it just makes your day.”
Listen to Sam Bradford on ESPN 101 here
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