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Rob Gronkowski Patriots Super Bowl Dance Video


We are conditioned in the media world and as sports fans to believe when you lose a game you should take it really hard, especially when it’s game like the Super Bowl. In the case of Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots fans were stunned to see their young, talented, tight end dancing it up with LMFAO at the Super Bowl XLVI post-game party after a tough loss. Gronkowski, who set the NFL record for most receiving yards by a tight end in a season this past year, won’t be winning any angry Pats fans back with his explanation in the following interview as to why he felt composed to dance the night away on an injured ankle. At the same time Gronk deserves some credit for seeing both sides of the argument and not making any excuses for himself.

Rob Gronkowski joined 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia with Mike Missanelli to discuss not being over losing Super Bowl XLVI, knowing his ankle wouldn’t be effective against the New York Giants, how quickly it took him to realize in Super Bowl XLVI that his ankle wasn’t effective, his reaction to the media backlash of his dancing video after Super Bowl XLVI had ended and understanding why New England Patriots fan were mad he was dancing after the loss.

Are you over losing the Super Bowl?

“I mean you are never over it emotionally. Every time people bring it up to you. Every time you think about it and see something in the paper or on TV about it, I mean you are not over it emotionally. It’s just deep down it makes me want to grind even harder this year and this off-season. I really can’t right now. I am in a cast and crutches, but I really can’t do anything, but as much as possibly can be doing right now I am doing because I am grinding to get ready for next season.”

You knew you weren’t going to be 100% before you took the field for Super Bowl XLVI right?

“I was feeling good. I was out there and there really is no excuses to be made. I was out there playing the game. I was part of the game plan. I was part of everything and we just came up short and I don’t want to be using that as an excuse of why we came up short. It’s a great team here. We win as a team and lose as a team. I mean everyone gave their full effort. Everyone gave 100% and that’s what they should be proud of in the end, but unfortunately we came up short and emotionally deep down in us we just know we are going to keep working until ultimately have that happen.”

How soon did you know it wasn’t going to happen for you with the ankle in Super Bowl XLVI?

“I was feeling decent out there. I really didn’t know. It was just part of the game. Who was open and who was not? Tom [Brady] was just throwing to the open guys. I felt good out there and I really thought we had it. I’m not really worried about if I could cut out there or not. It is what it was out there and that’s how you gotta play. It’s a team game overall and that’s how it is.”

When you look back at the dancing you did after Super Bowl XLVI and the video that is out on the internet, what do you think?

“I mean we gave everything all year long. I sweat blood and tears all year long throughout the season through hard work and dedication. I always put my job first before anything, no matter what it is. I’m always just dedicating myself. Unfortunately it just happened like that and I mean it just is what it is. I had a lot of fun with my family and that was the first time I got to see them in awhile, but we were just having fun with my brothers and stuff, friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile. The chances of getting to hang out with LMFAO that was pretty cool too, but unfortunately we didn’t win. That was the number one goal. All we did was work for the 2 weeks from the Baltimore game to the Giants game just keep on grinding. Gave effort and dedication. I was in the training room 24-7 getting healthy. Same with everyone else, but unfortunately we came up short and definitely going to be grinding this whole year, so we can be ready for next year.”

Do you see the view point of the fans who looked at that dance video and what their opinion would be? Can you see the fans view point?

“Yes definitely could see the fans viewpoint, but I mean I am 100% in every single game, every single practice, every single thing to just to get out their on the field. It was definitely a tough loss. I was hurting from it. Everyone was hurting from it. I mean you don’t work that hard all year to get to the final game and lose. It just hurts definitely. It just went on. I’m an easy going kind of guy. I try to get over things as soon as possible. Life just moved on. You gotta look into the future. I’m already looking into the future now and already grinding looking into the future for next season. I just move on with my life very quickly and just try to make the best of it.”

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