Rob Gronkowski Claims He Doesn’t Drink Beer And That Tom Brady Never Gets Mad At Him


The New England Patriots surrendered yet another second-half lead this season, but were able to overcome their miscues in a 29-26 overtime win over the New York Jets on Sunday. With the win the Pats moved into sole possession of first place in the AFC East. Rob Gronkowski was Tom Brady’s go-to man on Sunday. He came away with 78 yards receiving and two touchdowns against the Jets. Rob Gronkowski joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss his physical status after the game against the New York Jets, the mood in the Patriots locker room after the win, his nerves after the Patriots blew a second half lead Sunday, Tom Brady’s leadership skills, being honest with the media, hanging out with the Gronkowski brothers and not drinking beer anymore.

How are you feeling today after the game against the New York Jets?

“Good. Good. [Dan Patrick: You sure?] A little bit. You know after games all sore and beat up. You know how it is.”

What was the Patriots locker room like after the win over the Jets?

“I mean definitely happy. Everyone worked together. It was definitely a team win, so we all celebrated together. It’s always a good feeling to get that victory as a team.”

How nervous were you when the Patriots gave up their 10-point second half lead?

“Like when? [Dan Patrick: Overtime?] I mean it’s not really nerve-racking. I mean all the nerves before the game and you are all nervous and stuff. Once you get to the flow of the game, you get all adjusted. At the end of the game, when we kicked the field goal, it’s just great to see the defense get that stop and make that play to win the game.”

When do you know Tom Brady is mad at you?

“He’s never really mad at you. He’s just a great leader. [Dan Patrick: Oh come on! There’s gotta be times when he’s mad or angry with you!] You just gotta keep working hard and playing hard. You gotta just give your best and that’s all you can ask for.”

Is Bill Belichick on you? You are not allowed to be honest?

“No, he’s not, but I am just being honest.”

How long would I last if I hung out with you and your brother for the weekend?

“Probably an hour. [Laughs]“

But what would we do if I am hanging out with the Gronkowski’s?

“Whatever, good times. If it’s the offseason? Just kick it and play some backyard sports. Definitely some basketball in the backyard. Get a workout in, a little running, and just chill.”

When would we start crushing beers though?

“Not sure. I don’t do those things. [Dan Patrick: You don’t crush beers?] No. [Dan Patrick: OK, I will. What other brothers would join me?] Call them up and ask them.”

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