Pete Rose Alleged Hall Of Famer Talks Mlb To Dan Patrick

Pete Rose Talks Roids, A-Rod Pitch Tipping, and Hit Streaks to Dan Patrick
May 14, 2009 – 7:45 am by Will Brinson
Pete Rose is in a weird situation these days — he was banned from baseball for *gasp* gambling and can’t ever enter the Hall of Fame (note that, again, entry is determined by crotchety old men and for the most part, people with, seemingly, no sense of what’s important or “right”).
But here we are in 2009, finding out that everyone in the game cheated. And we still can’t get Rose in the Hall. It’s a farce. Which is what he calls the idea of A-Rod tipping pitches. Rose also talks about Ryan Zimmerman’s hitting streak  (note, which ended at 30 games after the interview) and the Hall of Fame-worthiness of guys who used steroids.
On Ryan Zimmerman’s 30-game hit streak:
“Well when I did my 44, Dan, I was pretty lucky, because I did 27 before the All Star Break and it didn’t really pick up until I pushed the next big record which was in the 30’s. And I didn’t do that until I was playing the Mets in New York and Tommy Holmes had that record … and I think that’s when the national media will really start following Zimmerman.”

On A-Rod and tipped pitching:
“I think it’s a farce. I don’t see how it could happen — I don’t see how a guy at third base could tell someone what was coming … I wasn’t one of those guys that could rely on the my teammate on second base to tell me what was going on. Plus the next time up, the pitcher would drill you in the head.”
On asterisks:
“I don’t see how you can do it, Dan, because we don’t know how many guys are doing it … Are you going to do it for one year, two years, four years?”
On steroids being worse than betting on your team to win:
“Yeah, I think it is. Because when you take steroids, you have a direct outcome of the game. And that’s the integrity of the game, and when you can change records because you did something illegal, it’s just not right. And when you can alter the records … the records are sacred in the game of baseball, and if you did something illegal to surpass those records, it’s just not good.”
Listen to Pete Rose on The Dan Patrick Show
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