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Brandon Lloyd Loved Off Time During Lockout, But Still Been Preparing All Offseason For Start of Tim Tebow Era
July 28, 2011 – 7:00 am by Eric Schmoldt
Since the lockout ended there has unsurprisingly been nonstop discussion and speculation about the myriad free agent signings and trades that could occur in the forthcoming days and weeks. On Wednesday, the heat really turned up in Denver. They traded receiver Jabar Gaffney to the Washington Redskins, and rumors about trading quarterback Kyle Orton really heated up.
The latter would end all quarterback controversy discussion regarding Orton and Tim Tebow. In the eyes of at least one Denver wide receiver who is sticking around, this should not come as a surprise. Brandon Lloyd said he pretty much knew all along that Orton would be out, it’s just a matter of where he is headed. And he’s been planning all offseason for Tebow Time in the Mile High City.

Brandon Lloyd joined 104.3 The Fan in Denver with Mike and Scott to discuss the lockout and offseason, how much time it will take him to be ready for the season, when the old-school thoughts of hitting and two-a-days ended, the trade talks surrounding Kyle Orton, if he believes it’s a done deal and the first season under John Fox.
What’s this offseason been like and what have the last couple days been like?:
“It’s been a lot of fun. The offseason was great. Going into my ninth year, I don’t necessarily need all those OTAs and stuff that the younger guys might take advantage of. So it’s been fun. I’ve been able to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do — concerts, Kentucky Derby, you name it, I’ve pretty much done it. And the last [few days] have just been like, ‘Oh man, I just need two more weeks. It’s never enough, but it’s actually good that it’s finally starting. … It’s been fun but I’m extremely excited to get back around the guys and get back on the field.”
How much time does a veteran like you need to get ready for the season?:
“I mean, you need a good month. I think this is actually going to be perfect, especially with the restrictions they’re going to have on training camp and how much time they’re going to have with us on the field and no two-a-days. I think it’s going to be a nice, smooth transition into the season. I think it’s going to be really nice.”
Has the old-school approach of feeling the need for hitting and two-a-days passed?:
“I think that passed like four years ago. They should’ve corrected this four years ago. And I think coaches already had that mindset. Coaches were already going two days on, one day two-a-days, next day one pad. … They were doing one padded practice, one just helmets. Coaches were already evolving into this kind of structure. Now that it’s here, it’s fine because we’ve already been prepared for it.”
On the trade talks surrounding Kyle Orton and Jabar Gaffney:
“As I get older, I view it as it’s good for them. It’s good for Kyle that he’s going to get an opportunity to start and have a Pro Bowl wide receiver in Brandon Marshall and get in a situation where he’s going to be named the starter. He’s going to get an opporunity to develop as the player he feels he is. It’s good for Jabar to go to Washington because they need him. They need an every-down, pass-catching big receiver. They’ve got a bunch of little guys. They’ve got some young, big guys that are inconsistent and not that good. So they need Jabar. It’s not like these players are going somewhere where they are going to get caught up in the wash.”
Have you talked to Kyle? You’re making it sound like this is going to happen for sure…:
“Yeah, I’ve been prepared for this all offseason. I don’t know if it’s Miami, if it’s Arizona, I don’t know where it’s going to be, but most of this offseason I’ve been preparing to play with Tim Tebow. All signs were pointed in that direction. … This is a good deal and it’s good for Tim that he doesn’t have that pressure and he can go into camp and focus on being the starting quarterback. … Everything is working out and it’s looking good for everybody. All parties are going to be happy.”
What are you thinking going into your first season with John Fox?:
“I don’t know how anybody could forget what Steve Smith did. And in no way am I going to compare myself to Steve Smith, but I am going to say, I can make those plays. So, we are going to run the ball. I think our passing game should be more of a direct passing game and not so forced like it was the past two seasons, because we are going to have a threat of a running game. That’s awesome, I think it’s great. I’m not worried at all.”
Listen to Brandon Lloyd on 104.3 The Fan in Denver here
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