Nene Hilario on Denver Nuggets Decision to Trade Him: “It was hard how they handled the situation. It was real sad.”

Nene Hilario on Denver Nuggets Decision to Trade Him: “It was hard how they handled the situation. It was real sad.”
March 21, 2012 – 9:00 am by Steven Cuce
There weren’t any blockbuster trades prior to last week’s NBA trade deadline, but there was a three-team deal involving the Nuggets, Wizards and Clippers. Denver traded Nene Hilario to  Washington for Javale McGee and Ronny Turiaf (recently waived by Nuggets), while the Wizards sent Nick Young to Los Angeles. The former Nuggets forward-center was shocked and saddened by the move.
Hilario seems to understand the nature of business in professional sports now as he looks at the bright side of life with the Washington Wizards, which is a grim prospect to some.

Nene Hilario joined 106.7 The Fan in D.C. with The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner to discuss his disappointment in being traded by the Denver Nuggets, being a mentor for a young Washington Wizards team, being neighbors with Tim Tebow and knowing he’s upset with the Broncos signing Peyton Manning, being traded for JaVale McGee, and his excitement to play with John Wall.
Do you feel that Denver gave up on you early by trading you?
“You know what I was disappointed, but all my life a lot of things happen. I understand it was for my good or the best towards my future and God is going to come through, so I know everything is going to be okay in my life, so it was hard how they handled the situation. It was real sad, but I’ll live day-by-day and I know me and my family and the team and everything is going to be okay.”
Do you want to be a mentor for the young guys on this team? Is there anything you can do to help Andray Blatche?
“Yes. Yes. We are going to do whatever we can. You can change a lot of things when you have dedication, love and patience. That is not only with him, but other younger players about the game. They can develop and when you see the teams getting better you get better too. You want to be a part of the group and how it is when you do everything okay, other players want to be influenced to do good things too. That’s what I believe.”
Can you see Tim Tebow mania with Robert Griffin III?
“Yes man. I’m a Tebow fan. He’s a friend. He’s my neighbor right there in Denver. You know he’s upset. He’s upset at the moment, but wherever he goes I know I believe he going to do it hard and going to do his best and nothing is ever going to change because I know God has a lot of plans in his life too.”
You were neighbors? Did you live next door to Tim Tebow?
“Yeah like a couple of houses. It’s like two or three houses. I didn’t see him yet. My wife saw him, but I didn’t see him.”
The guy you were traded for JaVale McGee made a lot of negative highlights. Did you see the highlights and go what is this guy doing?
“I know sometimes the bad things come first to the good things. That’s what I believe in. That is what we work for.”
Are you excited to play with John Wall?
“Yes man. He is amazing. He is amazing. I compare him to Ty Lawson because both are young and very talented and the athleticism is unbelievable. He can learn a lot of things and I think we can do really well like when he had the winning spurt and he will be like that one day.”
Listen to Nene Hilario on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. here
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2 Responses to “Nene Hilario on Denver Nuggets Decision to Trade Him: “It was hard how they handled the situation. It was real sad.””

Denver did Nene dirty. He is my favorite player. I wish him the best.
By April on Mar 21, 2012

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