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Houston GM Says His Team is Back in the Running For That One Guy From That One Team in Colorado
January 21, 2011 – 7:00 am by Eric Schmoldt
With the New Jersey Nets taking themselves out of the running for Carmelo Anthony, the question becomes what happens next?
Anthony obviously wants to go to the New York Knicks, but Denver and the Knicks haven’t seemed to be able to work anything out up to this point. All in all, it’s become quite the PR nightmare for a lot of different folks in a lot of different NBA cities.
Without exactly coming out and naming names, the Houston Rockets now think they might be back in the mix. General manager Daryl Morey was careful to make sure he didn’t find himself in a situation where he could be fined, but more or less gave that impression in the following interview.

Daryl Morey joined KILT in Houston with Marc and John to discuss how the Nets getting out of the Anthony race changed things, how much trade conversations occur about a month before the deadline, if teams discuss trying to keep it quiet and out of the public eye, when he knew he wanted to be a GM and to wax poetic about how he wishes they had any semblance of Hakeem Olajuwon right now.
If the New Jersey Nets bowing out of the race to get Carmelo Anthony changed anything for the Rockets:
“It was interesting how that whole recent episode, how it turned out. I do think that puts us into the game there a little bit. … We’re always trying to upgrade the team and I think [that] worked in our favor a little bit.”
On how much conversing takes place with teams right now even though the trade deadline isn’t until next month:
“There’s tons of trade talk. Usually the deals that are done by the deadline are usually starting to be talked about now. Just the nature of the NBA, we have it very good with Mr. Alexander in terms of having one owner who’s willing to spend money, who’s willing to do anything for the franchise. Other teams, they have multiple owners and often multiple decision-makers besides the owners so it’s hard to get things done unless they’re talked about for a while.”
If the owners discuss their stance on leaks to the press regarding trade situations and rumors:
“It’s definitely talked about — let’s keep this quiet. But it seems almost pointless. There’s just so many people that have to be involved, including the league office. …Usually things get out and it’s frustrating often.”
When did he know he wanted to be a GM?:
“I was really into sports when I was young and read all the latest on using analysis to study sports, like in second grade is when it really started to take off. When I was playing fantasy sports in high school, I think that might be why.”
If he thinks it’s worth it to give up two bishops, two rooks and a couple of pawns for a queen:
“I think running gambits is probably a good thing for the franchise situation where we’re at right now.”
Which player from either of Houston’s two championship teams, outside of Hakeem Olajuwon or Clyde Drexler, would he want on his team today?:
“Obviously Clyde and Hakeem were the best ones. Maybe just like 1/3 of Hakeem, like a poor man’s Hakeem? I think Otis Thorpe is good and I have a real fondness for Matt Bullard.”
Listen to Daryl Morey on KILT in Houston here
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