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NFL Officials Locked Out: Referee Mike Carey Discusses what he’d like to see Accomplished
June 11, 2012 – 6:00 am by Brad Gagnon
For the second straight offseason, the NFL has a lockout on its hands. One year after locking out players, the league has locked out officials and says it plans to hire replacement officials in case a deal can’t be struck on a new collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Referees Association.
Talks reportedly broke down between the two sides last week.

NFL referee Mike Carey joined Josh and Charod on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss the state of negotiations between the officials and the league, what he’d like to see accomplished and how replacement officials would affect the game.
On how he feels about the state of negotiations:
“I don’t know because I don’t know the details of either side’s proposal specifically. That’s all confidential discussion. But I’m surprised at it, to tell you the truth, because the board we have is a pretty amenable board.”
On how these officials would view replacement officials:
“I don’t think they’d be invited to any of our parties.”
On what he personally would like to see accomplished:
“From my position, I think that all of the major league officials get paid pretty much the same amount, independent of number of games or how hard they have to prepare or when they work, because all of the seasons are about seven months long. So we believe that we should be — I believe, anyway — that we should be paid on par with all the other officials, especially that we’re the wealthiest league there is.”
On if he thinks there will be a noticeable difference if replacement officials are used:
“I think unquestionably. You just don’t walk out on a field and contend with that speed and size and impact and the complexity of the NFL rules. It’s a completely different game.”
Listen to Mike Carey on XX Sports Radio here
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