Matt Cassel Is Starting to Show Signs That He Can Be Chief of KC


Matt Cassel Is Starting to Show Signs That He Can Be Chief of KCAfter coming over from New England in a trade before last season, Matt Cassel hasn’t shown Chiefs’ fans a lot of promise.  After Tom Brady hurt his knee during the ’08 season, they saw him step up and play incredibly well despite not having started a football game since high school.  So when last season he didn’t step in and do the same for them, KC fans were upset.  They need to understand that the Chiefs are in a rebuilding phase and that they aren’t the Patriots.  They are still a few years away from competing annually for the AFC West division title, but on Sunday Cassel showed them some promise.  He displayed calmness and poise in the pocket all day as he completed sixty-nine percent of his passes, while throwing three touchdown passes and just over two-hundred yards through the air.  Even though the game ended in a heart-breaking loss for the Chiefs, Cassel has at least silenced many of his doubters for another week and hopefully he and the offense can build off of this performance for the future.Matt Cassel joined WHB in KC to talk about how long it takes to get over a loss like the one they had on Sunday, why the team was so confident that they could run the football against the Texans, and how he handles the fans’ criticism.

How long it takes to get over a loss like the one they had on Sunday:

“It stings a little bit and there is no doubt about it.  You wake up this morning and you kind of run the game back into your mind, what could we have done better?  What kind of plays could you have made?  But we competed hard and knew that it was going to be a challenging game to go down there to Houston against a good opponent and unfortunately we didn’t do enough to get a win at the end of the day.”

Why the team was so confident that they could run the football against the Texans:

“Going into the gameplan during the week with the coaches felt that we had an opportunity to run the ball and that we are going to be to some of our strengths right now and to run the ball is definitely one of our strengths.  We took it as a challenge and we went in there and we ran the ball well all day.  It definitely opened up the passing game and some play-action passes for us and I think we had a pretty balanced attack for ourselves offensively.”

How he handles the fans’ criticism:

“You know we have got passionate fans here in Kansas City and they want to win just as much as we want to win as players and so when we are not winning we understand their frustrations and my frustrations and we probably share a lot of the same things and that is just part of sports and that is just part of what we do for a profession and we are trying to do the best we can when we go out on the field for them and we are just trying to win ball games.  At the end of the day that is just part of what we do and we just try to continue to get better and put our best performance out there.”

Whether it was part of the offensive gameplan to get Dwayne Bowe more involved:

“No there really wasn’t an emphasis on it.  Dwayne went and we executed the plays as we came up and they got open and he did a great job at doing his thing and that is sports and that is the great thing about sports and, everything is not perfect in games and sometimes we have mishaps that happen and unfortunate circumstances come up but at the same time, you know what, he comes out this week and he played brilliant and he certainly made some huge plays for us and like I said, that is the great thing about sports.”

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