Mark Cuban Believes He Can Topple BCS Without Destroying Bowl System


Mark Cuban Believes He Can Topple BCS Without Destroying Bowl System

Mark Cuban is already on track to go down as one of the most popular owners and sports figures — albeit one of the most polarizing, as well — ever. He might be on the verge of one-upping himself.Cuban announced this week and in the following interview that, while he might still like to buy a baseball team, say the Los Angeles Dodgers, he’d really like to take down the BCS. And he thinks he can come up with the money to do it and perhaps without taking down the bowl system.Who knows if it will come to fruition, but the fact that Cuban’s on a mission to at least give it a shot is music to my ears and I’m sure to plenty of yours as well.Mark Cuban joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss whether the Knicks would give LeBron James a better supporting cast than the Heat, his team’s propensity to lull itself to sleep, Dirk Nowitzki’s legendary status, his proposal to take down the BCS, how that affects his desire to own a baseball team and how he could do it without destroying the current bowl system.

On whether LeBron would have a better supporting cast with the Knicks than he does the Heat:

“I don’t know, maybe the Knicks just because of the point guard position. I’d probably give it to the Knicks just because of point guard.”

On what order he would rank the supporting casts of the Cavaliers, Knicks and Heat:

“Knicks, Heat, Cavs. Obviously Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are at superstar level and Amar’e’s at superstar level. Gallinari is a budding star who can shoot, a light’s out shooter who can also do a lot of other things. And he’s got a point guard in Raymond Felton. … That’s Miami’s challenge right now.”

On whether he’s still on the fence about whether his team is a contender:

“I wouldn’t say tweaking, I would say looking for us to improve in our execution. There’s still times when we get bored. That’s the word Coach used the other day and I can’t disagree. … It’s a long season and every team goes through lulls … and we’ve just got to try to get that mental focus so we don’t have lulls.”

On how we’ll view Dirk Nowitzki when he hangs it up:

“Oh, as a top-10 all-time player, no question. It’s funny because over the years as we’ve had guys come onto the team from other teams, everybody’s got their opinion, but when you see it day-in and day-out, your opinion changes. … He contributes in every which way and when it’s all said and done we’re going to look back and know that he’s top 10.”

On his idea to take down the BCS:

“It’s all just exploratory, so this isn’t something that, OK, we’ve raised all the money, it’s in the bank, let’s go to work. Obviously, like everyone else, as a college football fan, I hate the  BCS simply because of all the inefficiencies. My orientation is, if there’s something that everybody hates and there’s all kinds of inefficiencies and there’s a lack of transparency, then somewhere in there is a business opportunity. … For the amount of money that I would consider spending on a baseball franchise, you could take that money and probably turn the BCS upside down and create a playoff system, so we’ve started the process of looking at that.”

On whether he’s no longer looking at buying a baseball team:

“I haven’t completely ruled it out, but this sounds like a lot more interesting and a lot more fun and a better business.”

On whether he has interest in buying the Dodgers:

“From a market perspective, it’d be great. From a history perspective, it’d be great. But it’s not for sale. And the other problem is the money could be ridiculous.”

On whether he’d have the Dodgers or take down the BCS:

“BCS, no question about it. With one, it’s fun and it’s a family heirloom. With the BCS, you go down in history and you make a lot of people happy and it can be a really, really good business. There’s still a lot of hurdles. It’s not going to be easy … but to go through the process wouldn’t really be expensive.”

On creating a playoff without giving up the bowl system:

“There’s a lot of money there and you would not have to get rid of the existing bowl system. It’s not like the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and I Just Came Up With A New Name Bowl wouldn’t have to change. If a team gets into a playoff system, whether it’s 11, 12, 16 teams … if you lose, OK, you go to a bowl. If you lose late, you go to a bowl and if you lose late, you’re probably a better team and you go to a better bowl.”

Listen to Mark Cuban on The Dan Patrick Show here

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