Matt Birk Knows The Ravens’ Fans Are Bummed Out and Found Out While Getting a Burritto


Matt Birk Knows The Ravens’ Fans Are Bummed Out and Found Out While Getting a Burritto

The Baltimore Ravens went into Monday night’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars sporting one of the best records in the NFL and sat atop the AFC North. Baltimore had some big victories on their resume and it looked like Jacksonville wouldn’t be a problem. But as they say, anything can happen in the NFL on any given Sunday or in this case any given Monday. The Ravens put together one of the most embarrassing offensive performances of recent memory. Baltimore didn’t get the ball to Ray Rice, Joe Flacco looked awful, and it took them more than a half just to get a first down against the Jags. The offense has been inconsistent at times this season and while there is no reason to panic right now in Baltimore, the Ravens need to find an answer to their offensive woes unless of course they want to suffer another early playoff exit.

Matt Birk joined 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore with The Norris and Dave Show to talk about whether or not he has been hearing it from fans around town about the poor performance on Monday night, what he thinks of the way the offensive line has played this year, if the loss against the Jaguars still hurts a few days later, and what he makes of the comments from Terrell Suggs following the game about not getting Ray Rice the ball enough.

Whether or not he is still hearing it from fans about the performance Monday night:

“There was a little bit of that. I can’t hide because I really like Chipotle so I had to go get a burrito. It was right around the peak of lunch time. People were pretty bummed out as we are but that’s the way it goes sometimes.”

How he feels about the play of the offensive line this year:

“Like any offensive line six games into the season, we’re still a work in progress. As you can see from week to week the challenge is different, it can be very different from week to week so can the results. Every week kinda stands on its own merit. I think the one thing that you can look at as a positive with us, a negative into a positive, Ben Grubbs going down after the first week of the season, (Andre) Gurode stepping in at left guard, a position he hasn’t played in about eight years and he’s done a great job filling in and busting his hump trying to get up to speed with that position and playing next to two new guys in myself and Bryant McKinnie. I’m a big believer that when people have to step up and play in different positions it’s certainly uncomfortable and not ideal but it can help you down the road develop some depth and also some continuity along your line.”

If the loss against the Jaguars still hurts:

“It hurts but at the same time I guess we’re fortunate that we get to go back to work today and focus on our next opponent, Arizona. That’s life in the NFL. You have to put it behind you and move on. There will be a little bit of therapy to throw ourselves into our work a little bit today and focus on something else and look forward to redeeming ourselves this week.”

On the comments Terrell Suggs made and how he can make sure there is no disconnect between the offense and the defense with finger pointing:

“I think offensively we can play better. I think we understand that we’re all in this together. There are bumps in the road and it’s okay to voice those concerns or opinions, especially after a loss like that. We put a lot into this thing. Physically, emotionally, and we have a lot invested and if something doesn’t go well we’re not gonna be happy. Offensively we know what we’re capable of and we’re not very proud of that performance that we had Monday night. I can speak for myself. I have confidence in all of my teammates, the offensive coaches, and we’re gonna get this thing turned around.”

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