Kyle Orton Talks New Beginnings In Denver

Kyle Orton Talks New Beginnings in Denver
June 18, 2009 – 10:00 am by Bunk
We’re getting ever closer – training camps in the National Football League are just about a month away. As we’ve said here on Sports Radio Interviews all offseason, the play of the quarterbacks in Chicago and in Denver are going to dominate the headlines – and deservedly so – for much of 2009 and even beyond. All eyes will be on young quarterback Kyle Orton to make the Broncos look either really smart or really, really stupid for dealing Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears this offseason. With training camp approaching, let’s take a listen to Orton to see how things are progressing in new coach Josh McDaniels’s explosive system. He joined 104.3 The Fan in Denver on Wednesday to talk about being named the starter by his head coach (’for now’) before the start of training camp and other similar topics.
On if he was surprised that Coach McDaniels named him the starter over Chris Simms despite training camp being more than a month away:
“I didn’t put too much thought in to it – I just try to go out every day and improve and get this offense under my belt and play as good as I can.”
On how he’s gone about exuding leadership qualities in the few short months he’s been in Denver, particularly since his coach has shown so much confidence in him:
“Yeah I think it’s an important thing to have a quarterback that carries the leadership role. I think it’s been tough early on, splitting reps, and having one guy in the huddle and then another guy in the huddle. It’s a tough thing to develop leadership from the position when it’s like that. So that’s really what I look forward to at training camp – being in there with one guy and really trying to lead this football team and lead this offense to be as good as we can be and see if we can win a lot of football games this year.”

On what fans and the media can expect from Josh McDaniels’s offense when it’s clicking:
“You’re not going to see one thing from week to week. I think we try to exploit the team’s weaknesses that we’re going to play and hopefully just find the best way to beat that football team and as long as the players execute the system we should win a lot of games.”
On what he says to those who think he doesn’t have NFL-caliber arm strength:
“I’ve had a strong enough arm my entire career. I don’t listen to critics. I feel like I’ve had a nice start to my career and being with these coaches and these players, I’m just getting better and better and I just think this trade is the jump start to the second part of my career.”
Listen here to Orton on 104.3 The Fan in Denver
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