John Daly Talks About His Masters Sale, Rick Reilly And Golf Being ‘Buttoned Down’

John Daly Talks About His Masters Sale, Rick Reilly and Golf Being ‘Buttoned Down’

I love that John Daly is fully resurgent in the public eye right now, even though he’s still suspended from golf. Say what you want about the guy, but the fact is that he’s entertaining, 99% of the time.He got on the horn with FM Sportsradio 104.3 in Denver recently to talk about that resurgence among some other interesting things. (Aside: he discusses the low prices of his merchandise; I would beg to differ.) Chief among those is his mention of Rick Reilly’s new book, in which apparently Reilly takes quotes that were supposedly off the record and sticks them in his book anyway. Not shocking from either party (even if Daly is embarrassed later) that it happened, in my humble opinion, but still — a little awkward.

On Daly’s sales:

“Oh they were great. My stuff isn’t as expensive as most people’s. You can get a hat for $20 with a signature. Everything was pretty much $20. Little lions were about $10 and I usually gave those to the kids and 8×10’s for $20. We had a good time – I met a lot of new friends and a lot of new contacts … I got ripped in the media a little bit, but I got about 150 contacts that want to do golf outings with me.”

When he plans on returning:

“Colonial has always given me that invite, and I know they would, but I think the first tournament is going to be Memphis. Cause I’m gonna be overseas, and I think the first tournament is going to be Memphis.”
Daly on golf being buttoned down, Rick Reilly using an off the record quote in his book, and the full interview after the jump.

On golf being “buttoned down”:

“It’s just weird, I mean, you know, there are certain rules. Everything’s in perception now, in life when it comes to athletes and celebrities. It’s all about the perception instead of getting the truth about the reality of someone. It’s just so easy to criticize … You’re right, everything I’ve ever done is legal. So, if that’s so bad, what’s it out there for? If legal things are so bad, why are we selling them? I’m not a gun guy, I hate guns. And there are people that hate to drink, but you know what? It’s a decision that everyone has to make with in their own mind with their lives.”

On the accuracy of Rick Reilly’s novel:

“Well, I was a little mad at Rick for writing some of the stuff he wrote about my ex-girlfriend and stuff, because I knew – you put Jack, Arnold and all these great, great guys who set records none of us will ever be able to accomplish – and you put in there about my you-know-what – just the unzipped part, Rick told me it was off the record, and I got a little upset with him over that, because there are going to be kids reading that. And we were just talking driving down the road, and I said, “Listen you’re not putting this in the book,” and he said, “No, this is all about caddying for you on that day,” and I said, “Cause you got some pretty big names in there,” and he put it in the book.”

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