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Jo Jo Reyes Mlb Toronto Blue Jays First Win Since 2008 Record Tying 28 Consecutive Starts

Jo Jo Reyes “It’s just funny how the game is sometimes when you feel your best you always don’t come out on top.”
June 2, 2011 – 5:30 am by Steven Cuce
There are some records that professional athletes would like to bury from their memory. For Toronto Blue Jays left-hander Jo Jo Reyes it had been 28 consecutive starts without a victory when he took the mound at the Rogers Centre on Memorial Day. On this afternoon Reyes would finally have the last laugh as he shut down the best squad in the American League in the Cleveland Indians by the score 11-1.
Reyes tossed the first complete game of his career by allowing just one run on eight hits and four walks while striking out four. He earned his first victory since June 13th of 2008 finally closing the record books on a record that he tied with Cliff Curtis of the Boston Braves in 1910-11 and Oakland’s Matt Keough in 1978-79. Reyes seems to have taken the whole process in stride and you have to give him credit because it has to be frustrating as a starting pitcher to go winless for what seemed like an eternity.

Jo Jo Reyes joined the Fan 590 in Toronto with Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt to discuss getting his first win since the 2008 season, his teammates ragging on him for not setting the record of having the most consecutive starts without a win, rating his performance in his first win since 2008, his emotions coming out to the mound in the 9th inning knowing he was going to get a win and the post-game celebration after getting his first win since 2008.
So mixed emotions huh Jo Jo?
“It was just a very exciting day yesterday. The most exciting part was the team being behind me and the fans.”
Were the guys giving it to you about not getting the record?
“No not at all. I think they wanted to see it be over with just as much as I did.”
How would you rate yesterday’s performance overall? Was it your best?
“It was funny because I was telling some of the guys that I didn’t feel like I had my best stuff yesterday and I felt like I was just battling all game just to stay with it and just to locate my fastball and obviously it worked out, but it wasn’t one my best. I think one of the best game I felt was where I went seven innings against Detroit and gave up five runs. It’s just funny how the game is sometimes when you feel your best you always don’t come out on top.”
What did it feel like coming out for the top of the 9th knowing you were finally about to get a win?
“You know a little bit of adrenaline. I tried to keep my composure out there. You know just talking to myself and staying focused for every pitch.”
Was there any kind of celebration last night from your teammates after getting the victory?
“I had the family in town. I just hung out with my little one and the wife, but there’s no celebration. I got a nice little Gatorade bath and a pie from Ricky [Romero], so just a little fun in the clubhouse.”
Listen to Jo Jo Reyes on the Fan 590 in Toronto
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