Jason Campbell On Tom Cable Firing “i’m Pretty Sure It Came Down To The Relationship With Mr.davis And Coach Cable.”


Jason Campbell on Tom Cable Firing “I’m pretty sure it came down to the relationship with Mr.Davis and Coach Cable.”

After leading the Oakland Raiders to their best record in eight years this season at 8-8, Al Davis, informed coach Tom Cable on Tuesday that he will not be retained for his upcoming two-year, $5 million option. The 8-8 season by Oakland saw the Raiders go undefeated (6-0) in AFC West division play. It was their first non-losing record since winning the AFC Championship game.Al Davis who is no stranger to controversy during his legendary NFL ownership or having full control over his team’s personal moves now must look for his sixth head coach since Jon Gruden left for Tampa following the season. The shock and surprise amongst many of the Oakland Raiders has come about in the last 24 hours from the likes of punter Shane Lechler and quarterback Bruce Gradkowski. Jason Campbell is no stranger to coaching changes dating back to his turbulent time spent in Washington. Campbell was the newest member of the Oakland Raiders this season after being traded from the Redskins once Donovan McNabb arrived in Washington. Campbell played an instrumental role in the turnaround in Oakland despite the quarterbacking carousel in the beginning of the season.Jason Campbell joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Cartonto discuss how surprised he was that Tom Cable was let go, on if he has enjoyed his time in Oakland, on wishing if he had the opportunity to stay in Washington after Mike Shanahan was hired, on there being “complete shock” amongst veterans that Coach Cable was let go after coaches like Jack Del Rio and Marvin Lewis were retained, on being with the Oakland Raiders next year and if he was face-to-face with Al Davis today with one question to ask what would it be?

On how surprised he was that Tom Cable was let go?

“I was flying cross-country last night and I was getting a lot of phone calls last night. I was wondering why my phone was going off so much and it was just guy calling me and telling me they heard the news and to turn on ESPN. When I saw it I thought in the National Football League you to gotta be ready for anything. I’m pretty sure it came down to the relationship with Mr.Davis and Coach Cable.”

On if he has enjoyed his time in Oakland?

“Yes I have. I’ve been given an opportunity to help turn around a franchise.”

On comparing to what happen to Donovan McNabb in Washington does he wish he would of have had opportunity to have stayed in Washington under Mike Shanahan?

“When he (Mike Shanahan) first came in I definitely thought that was going to be the idea that I would probably be there. He would create stability. I went through a coaching change almost every year or every other year. Then I end up getting traded. I remember the day they (Redskins) traded for Donovan that I knew my time was up in Washington. It was just a matter of where I was going to land. When the trade came up to go to Oakland I had to take all the positives out of it because people wanted to talk about the negative part of it of going there and my career taking a downturn. I looked at it as an opportunity to go revitalize a team that has a lot of talent, but needs a little bit of leadership in order to create a winning atmosphere. I just looked it as a challenge to go there and to turn things around. It’s been a fun season. It started off up-and-down, playing one minute, then not playing this minute and not really knowing what’s going on or what’s happening. Just trying to stay focused through all of it and if we win one or two more games we are in the playoffs.”

On there being “complete shock” amongst veterans on the team that Coach Cable was let go and not given another year considering other coaches around the league like Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville and Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati were retained?

“Well that’s it, me coming into the Raiders for my first year, I never had a whole bunch of free time to just be around Coach Cable or Mr.Davis. Most of my time was spent in the offensive room with the younger guys trying to build a relationship. I think at the end of the day I’m not sure what their relationship was together or how they followed things or what their views were together, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it probably came down to. The guys played hard this year. If we win the Jacksonville game or we win the Arizona game we’re looking at a 10-6 season, probably a chance to take the playoffs. You know things happen in the NFL and you have to be ready for anything and ready to adapt to a lot changes. I’m pretty sure Mr.Davis and Coach Cable sat down to talk and who knows what the conversation was about. It was a decision that was made by Mr.Davis and as a player you just gotta continue to move forward.”

On being with the Oakland Raiders next season?

“Yeah I still have another year on my contract, so I definitely expect to be there.”

On any idea of anyone on the coaching staff that may be elevated to head coach that he’s had a good realtionship with?

“I’m not sure. I know Hue Jackson is the guy that came in this year on the offensive side as the offensive coordinator and you know he helped us double the points they had a year ago and the yards and everything we have done. I know his name has been thrown around as a couple of head coaching jobs around the league, so he’s a hot topic right now. You definitely got to think they’re probably going to interview him and he knows a lot of guys on the team. He knows a lot of the players. He’s been there with us this year.”

On if he was face-to-face with Al Davis today with one question to ask whether it was about Tom Cable or his future in Oakland what would it be?

Oh man, I don’t know. You kind of get chills when you meet Mr.Davis. He is kind of a legend.

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