Is Conspiracy Behind Kurt Warner’s Departure From DWTS?


Is Conspiracy Behind Kurt Warner’s Departure From DWTS?

Kurt Warner may not have been the best dancer ever seen on Dancing With The Stars, but dangit, can’t we just all agree that he was better than Bristol Palin?

Apparently not.

Warner, the last athlete remaining on the show, was voted off on Tuesday, leaving just four groups left for the semifinal. A few days later he’s making it clear that it wasn’t his time to go, but that he understands what happened because it’s TV and sometimes the best dancers don’t always stay.But he didn’t shy away from those who say it was a conspiracy that he didn’t move on. I wonder if he thinks it’s a conspiracy, too, that he didn’t win a Super Bowl in Arizona.Kurt Warner joined XTRA 910 in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ to discuss his departure from Dancing With The Stars, not getting the scores he deserved from the judges, the Bristol Palin conspiracy theorists, the show losing its credibility and Brett Favre’s play against Arizona.

On his Dancing With The Stars departure:

“We had a good night on Monday, but whatever the reason is … we couldn’t overcome the judges. I think we should’ve had a lot better scores on Monday but it’s a television show. You never know if there’s an agenda behind it or not. Sometimes it appears that way. We accomplished a lot of good things, we had a lot of fun. Disappointed that we’re going home. I didn’t think I’d be disappointed. But it’s kind of a bummer, kind of like losing a game where you get knocked out before you want to.”

On never getting what he deserved from the judges:

“I think that’s the most disappointing part. We just really felt, a number of times throughout the competition, we just didn’t get the scores that we deserved. We chalked some of it up to the drama. … I think that was the most disappointing part of this week, that we were so far below the top three groups that even with a lot of fan support, it was going to be tough for us to make up that difference.”

On the Bristol Palin conspiracy theorists:

“I don’t know. You don’t really know what to think. Again, there’s so many unknowns that you can’t say, ‘Oh, well the show had a conspiracy and this is what happened.’ I don’t know how many votes I got, I don’t know if people called in for me. They might’ve loved watching us, but they might not’ve called in. It’s hard to say. The only thing I can say is that I did really feel like we were judged unfairly, just comparatively. … If other people are getting 9s and 10s on what they’re doing, I think we should’ve been up in that category.”

On whether the show lost some credibility:

“Again, I think you have to take the show for what it is and that it’s not just about the best dancers, and that’s a fact. People who aren’t the best dancers have won the show before, and so you have to take that into consideration. … You can be the best dancer every week and get kicked off Week 3. It’s a possibility with the show and you have to understand that part of it. I just think the biggest thing is to understand where I came from. I’m a football player who’s never done this before. … I think, for the sake of the show, you want people to be uplifted, you want them to be encouraged, you want that to be seen in the comments you get from the judges and the scores you get from the judges.”

On Brett Favre beating the Cardinals:

“That’s one thing you know he can still do, he can still play and he can still throw the football. He’s still going to take some chances, but if he can get away with them, he can be as special as anybody in the league and you saw that at particular times throughout the game, particularly down the stretch, against the Cardinals. He’s one of those guys that he can break your heart on both sides. We’ve seen that the last couple weeks and everybody wants to think he needs to retire, needs to get out of here because he can’t play anymore and just as quickly he turns it around and breaks your heart.”

Listen to Kurt Warner on XTRA 910 in Phoenix here

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