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How Jennifer Love-Hewitt Can Relate To Prostitutes

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in a lot of men’s fantasies ever since her role on Party of Five.  Since her Party of Five days, she has starred in a bunch of movies and TV shows as a normal, good looking character, but never before has she played a prostitute. Hewitt plays Samantha Horton, who answers an ad in a local paper for a massage therapy job after her husband gets injured and can’t work, in the Lifetime flick The Client List.  Soon after her character realizes that The Kind Touch Health Spa actually employs prostitutes and sells sexual services but she takes the job and soon starts to enjoy her work.  After filming the movie, Hewitt now realizes that the reason some women become prostitutes is because it helps them survive tough economic times and it is sort of helping them contribute to the family’s needs.  Hewitt has been approached plenty of times before about playing promiscuous roles as such but she never felt like she was ready.  But at the age of thirty-one, she is eager to start a new chapter in her career.  I am definitely going to check this out because from what I have gathered about her character in the movie, Hewitt is in lingerie almost the entire time giving happy endings.

Now, what guy in his right mind wouldn’t want to watch that (at least on mute)?

Jennifer Love-Hewitt joined WIP in Philadelphia to talk about how she decides to take a movie role and what she looks for in doing so, what the best way is to win the heart of a beautiful women like herself, and whether it is a shame that she is often identified by her gorgeous body.

How she decides to take a movie role and what she looks for in doing so:

“The arch of the character and in this I waited a really long time.  These kinds of roles have come up for me for a while and I just have never really felt ready.  I am 31 and I felt like this is a good age to do that and I felt like Lifetime was a great network.  I found the story fascinating.  I loved that it was women going out trying to make money for their families and stuff, not just men.  I just felt like it was the right time and I loved her in the movie because I feel like she starts off really funny and very innocent and then she loses her innocence very quickly and really becomes a person who makes a lot of mistakes and has to redeem herself and I think that is what humanity is so that is why I decided to do it.”

On her book about love and what it means that she is a ‘loveaholic’:

“I am not really a loveaholic.  I put that on the cover of the book because it sounded cute and it kind of went with the story that I was telling in the book and everything.  I was a person who was a hopeless, hopeless romantic to the point that I couldn’t see reality at all in relationships so that is why I wrote the book because I wrote about my sort of journey in figuring out that there is a lot of fairy tale in love and there could be great little movie moments but the whole thing does not consist of that.”

What the best way is to win the heart of a beautiful women like herself:

“Just to be yourself.  I love a good sense of humor and somebody that can make me laugh and just like respect me but really make me laugh.  Like even in the moments where we might get into an argument or have a disagreement on something as they can sort of get us out of it by making me really laugh.  That to me is the sexiest thing in the world.”

What the ‘three strike’ rule means:

“The three strike rule is the three things a guy can do on a date that you just have to walk away at that point.  I wrote about it in a book but I went on a blind date with a guy who gave me Altoids at the beginning of the date for our kiss at the end of the night, which was like ridiculous.  He kept calling me ‘baby’ and referred to us as a couple like 15 minutes in and then after having gone into the batting cages and got hit with a ball in the leg and laid down on the ground crying and then asking for his mommy and told me that he felt like he had met the one.”

On her dating guys that have cheated on her:

“The reason I shared that story is because sometimes the press and everything paints people in Hollywood as if they are these sort of bulletproof, extreme superhero kind of people who don’t feel anything or have anything real happen to them.  I kind of shared those stories because I wanted women to know that it is not you.  You could be whatever person in the world you could be on Maxim and do all of these things.  If a guy cheats, he cheats and that is just how it goes.”

Whether it is a shame that she is often identified by her gorgeous body:

“No, I think it is really funny.  I have gotten a kick out of the whole thing.  I think it is funny.  It is harder as I get older because I know stuff changes and shifts and everything like that, ‘Oh boy what are they going to talk about?’  But, No, I take it all in good fun.”

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