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Houston’s Secondary Can’t Seem to Stop Anyone!

Houston’s Secondary Can’t Seem to Stop Anyone!

After starting off the season hot, the Houston Texans are in the midst of a two-game losing streak and finally starting to cool down.  When a team is starting a rookie and a second-year player at cornerback, that team isn’t going to do much in terms of stopping offenses from scoring lots of points on them.  I would assume they are kicking themselves over letting Dunta Robinson get away via free agency to the Atlanta Falcons.  They shouldn’t be in the rebuilding phase waiting for guys to grow up in front of their eyes, but yet they seem to be back in the same position as when they entered the league back in ‘02.  When your offense has to score thirty points or more every game it is kind of hard to win football games, but with Matt Schaub at quarterback, I guess they thought differently.  To Schaub’s credit, he’s been dealing with a struggling receiving corps plagued by injuries and inconsistency.  He isn’t Superman and can’t do everything.  If their defense can step it up and stay away from giving up big plays, the Texans should be able to bounce back and perhaps make a run at the AFC South division title.  If not, it’s likely Gary Kubiak will be looking for a new job.Matt Schaub joined KILT in Houston to talk about how he is feeling after yesterday’s loss to the Chargers, the notion that they were able to move the ball in the 2nd half but just wasn’t able to score, and the notion that the tight ends and Arian Foster were a big part of the passing game yesterday.

How he is feeling after yesterday’s loss to the Chargers:

“A little bit frustrated and disappointed but it’s a new day and we have got to come in and watch this thing and reset our focus and head to Jacksonville and get a win and get off this two game skid that we have had and we’ve got to refocus and get ourselves ready to go.”

On the notion that they were able to move the ball in the 2nd half but just wasn’t able to score:

“Yeah we left points on the board.  Right before half, we left 4 points out there with the pass to Arian and then in the 2nd half we had a drive down there that I think we had 3rd and 2 or 3 or something like that inside the 10 and we got stopped and had to settle for a field goal there and then the other times we didn’t take advantage of the turnover that we got by Kareem on the interception, that didn’t count for points for us and then at the end there a couple of drives we didn’t execute to get points on the board.  So, we left at least 8 points out there and if not more.  That is the difference between winning and losing in this business.”

On Kevin Walter’s play and him being able to get a couple of pass interference calls:

“Yeah you know Kevin has been a guy that works hard.  He is the ultimate team player and guy that is going to do the right thing and be in the right spot every chance he has and we definitely wanted to get him involved and he can create a lot of space and separation and he is a dependable guy.  We had some chances to go down the field with him and he drew a couple big flags for us to help keep the chains moving and get down in there with the big P.I. in the first half and it was just a great effort on his part.”

On the notion that the tight ends and Arian Foster were a big part of the passing game yesterday:

“Well it is one of those things where our offense definitely runs better and is more efficient when we get more guys involved.  The more we can keep the wide receivers in the mix, obviously you would want them catching the ball and our tight ends making big plays in the flat and also over the middle of the field and then mixing in our running backs on certain plays.  I mean it is so much more efficient and productive when we can get multiple guys involved in the pass game and our running backs and our tight ends yesterday really provided that lift for us when we needed it.”

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