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Herschel Walker Is Coming To A Ring Near You


Herschel Walker Is Coming To A Ring Near You

Former Heisman Trophy winner, Herschel Walker, last played football in 1997. Now at the ripe age of 47 he wants to start MMA fighting. Herschel has said that he is not fighting for the money, but rather for the competition. He has been into martial arts for at least thirty years and is an accomplished fifth-degree black belt in taekwondo. He’s also not scare of challenging fighters much younger and more youthful opponents. A few months ago, Walker moved out to San Jose to start training for his MMA career. San Jose has become something of a mecca for mixed martial arts as it gains mainstream acceptance. He trains at the American Kickboxing Academy gym, which is one of the country’s top fight camps. The overall plan for Walker is to spend the next two months at the American Kickboxing Academy. He has to prove to trainers Javier Mendez and Bob Cook that he is ready to fight in the ring. For now, Walker is a rookie again. New fighters at the gym have to do chores, which is why Walker will be cleaning equipment twice a week. Herschel Walker joined KNBR in San Francisco to talk about him trying to become a mixed martial artist and fighting against younger guys, his training regimen and if it is still the same as it always has been, and on fighting at the end of January.


On Him Trying To Become A Mixed Martial Artist And Fighting Against Younger Guys:

“You know what is strange? I didn’t want to mention my age. Like I said, I have these multiple personalities so that 25 year old that is inside is doing this fighting. I just want all of the guys outside to know that it doesn’t matter about your age. You just got to get out and do it. If this mixed martial arts came about when I was playing football I would probably be doing it then. I just love the sport. I have been in mixed martial arts for 30-something years and this is a great opportunity for me to get in there and show them what I can do. I tell you I love it. It is very difficult. It is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. It is very, very hard.”

On His Training Regimen And If It Is Still The Same As It Always Has Been:

“No I am still doing pushups and sit-ups but I tell you what. This is probably one of the toughest workouts I have ever done. The workouts I am doing at AK here is San Jose is probably some of the toughest workouts I have ever done and before I got here I was still doing the same stuff I have been doing for years. I was doing all of the pushups and sit-ups and running and al of that which I think has done I great deal to my cardio because you do need a lot of cardio. In here and all of the taekwando that I have done for years no doubt helped me. It is sort of like I am a young rookie again in here with all of these twenty-year olds. I am having to learn a lot of new stuff and start over at some point. But I think it is going to be fun.”

On Fighting At The End Of January:

“That is what we are looking for. You know I have got Javier and Bob Cook and AKA. I have been very smart to say that I wanted to so this there is no doubt that I wanted to but I have put my life into their hands. I am working with them and all of the fighters at AKA. That has really, really been helping me out a great deal. My life is in their hands. If they say that I am ready then I am ready to fight. If they say: Herschel you are not ready. I am ready to put myself back because they are the experts. I am not.”

On Trusting The People Who You Know:

“That is exactly right. You know one thing about it is this is a very dangerous sport. It is a fun sport and I tell you that it is a sport that can really test you but you got to step into that ring and get ready to go. I am not going to embarrass AKA. I am not going to embarrass the fighters at AKA. I won’t embarrass Strike Force and most of all I won’t embarrass myself. When I step into the ring I will be ready to go.”

Whether His Workout Regimen Is Really 3,500 Sit-ups A Day, Anywhere To 750-1,500 Pushups, And He Only Eats One Meal A Day And It Is Never Red Meat:

“Yes that is correct. I have been doing that for years. I have been eating one meal-a-day for over twenty-something years I have been doing that. My regime hasn’t changed that much. I feel good. I feel great and right now I am on the mix of training but I haven’t really changed much up. I feel good. That is what is so great about it. I really feel very good. My body is doing well and so I am happy.”

Herschel Walker on KNBR in SF with Murph and Mac

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