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Davis Love III: I Was A Good Week of Putting Away From Contending With Rory McIlroy at the U.S. Open
June 30, 2011 – 7:00 am by Eric Schmoldt
Davis Love III is still a few years away from deciding whether his best option is to continue playing on the PGA Tour or head to the Champions Tour. If he continues playing like he has recently, the PGA Tour will seem like a no-brainer.
Love III has been in contention plenty this year, and says if he simply would have made some putts, he would have been right in contention with Rory McIlory when it came to the U.S. Open. That said, obviously McIlory ran away with that tournament and Love III will have to settle for trying to contend at the British Open.
He’s also got a Ryder Cup team to worry about. In a short, but interesting, interview, Love III says if Tiger is healthy, he’ll be a part of that Ryder Cup team. He also says that we’re probably going a little too far in anointing Rory as the next Tiger.

Davis Love III joined 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh with Seibel, Starkey and Miller to discuss why Tiger Woods would be on his Ryder Cup team, the anointing of McIlroy, if he likes where golf is right now, if he believes he can win another major and the age limit for the Champions Tour.
If you had to pick your Ryder Cup team today, would Tiger Woods be on it?:
“It depends how his knee is and his Achilles and if he’s out of that boot. I think if Tiger can walk the golf course, he’s going to be on that team because he always seems to play well if he’s not hurt. We’re obviously a year-plus away. Hopefully he’s going to be healthy. I saw him say the other day he’s not going to play until he’s 100 percent. He’s saying the right things. Hopefully he’s getting better and feeling better. … If we can get him healthy, I’m sure he’ll be on the team.”
Is Rory McIlroy that good or are we just searching really hard to find the next Tiger?:
“They wanted Tiger to replace Greg Norman and Fred Couples and they replaced Jack Nicklaus. There really is no replacement for Michael Jordan. There is no comparison. It was Michael, and Kobe’s going to be Kobe. Tiger’s always going to be Tiger. There’s not going to be anybody, I don’t think, that dominates for that length of time. … But Rory is an exceptional talent. … Everybody’s just getting excited about it. … Will he be Jack Nicklaus? No. Tiger hasn’t reached Jack Nicklaus yet.”
Do you like where the sport of golf is right now?:
“Rickie Fowler might wear bright colors and, every once in a while, turn his hat backwards, but he is very respectful of the game. He really gets it; he’s got a good head on his shoulders. He’s been a good influence, as a young kids, on guys like Dustin Johnson. … I think we’ve got a good group of leaders. … Every generation is a little cooler and a little hipper and doing dancing videos on TV like Hunter Mahan, but we have a good group of young guys.”
Do you think you can win another Major?:
“I think if I had putted any good at all, I would’ve given Rory a run for it at the U.S. Open. I really hit the ball well and just never really got the ball in the hole. Last year, at Pebble Beach, Dustin Johnson and I both made a bunch of doubles. We could’ve been right in there with Graeme McDowell to win it. I feel like I’ve been close. … I’ve still got a chance. I feel like if I get hot with the putter, I feel like I can win any week. I’ve been 10th to 20th a bunch this year and feel like I was just throwing shots away.”
Do you think they should bump the Champions Tour age limit to 45?:
“The guys that are 50-plus don’t want you to do that. … I’m three years away and getting wishy-washy on it whether it’s going to be what I want to do. If I’m healthy, and still competitive, and feel like I can win on the PGA Tour, like Kenny Perry, he can still win on the PGA Tour. … It’s hard for him to go over to the Champions Tour. … I’ve got three more years.”
Listen to Davis Love III on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh here
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