Evan Mathis On Calling Eagles Fans Idiots For Wanting Andy Reid Fired: “i Know He Will Bring A Super Bowl To Philadelphia.”


Earlier this week Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said that Andy Reid will be back for his 14th season as head coach of the team. The Eagles had a disappointing 8-8 record during the season after a slew of off-season signings that brought about Super Bowl expectations. The talk of the Philadelphia sports world has brought about the idea of possibly firing Reid because the team just hasn’t won a Super Bowl yet under his long watch. Evan Mathis strongly disagrees with this take. The Eagles guard decided to project his opinion to his Twitter account about any fans who wanted Reid gone. Needless to say Philadelphia Eagles fans around the country weren’t too happy with Mathis calling them ‘idiots.’ Evan Mathis joined 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia with Mike Missanelli to discuss his tweet calling the Philadelphia Eagles fan base idiots for wanting Andy Reid fired, coaches more successful than Andy Reid being fired, the Philadelphia Eagles having the best chance to win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid as head coach, his defense of Andy Reid remaining as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and seeing the Eagles fans viewpoint in the argument for firing Andy Reid.

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Explain to us the meaning behind your tweet where you said the Philadelphia Eagles fan base are idiots for wanting Andy Reid fired?

“I am supportive of my coach. I think the best way to say what I was saying was to say in a non-Evan Mathis way would be: ‘You had your best chance to win a Super Bowl under Andy Reid.’ You can put those two together. If you don’t want to win a Super Bowl you are an idiot.”

Why would you say that first of all when you know around the league more successful coaches than Andy Reid have been fired and teams don’t seem to miss a beat. I’ll give you one: The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers as two examples:

“Just seeing what I have seen in this league. Seeing how things are done. I know Andy Reid has the ability to do it. I know he will bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia.”

Did you ever give thought to the other side that it has now been 13 years without a Super Bowl and coaches aren’t really allowed to coach that long without producing a championship?

“Yeah, but I think that…like I said the best chance that Philadelphia has towards a Super Bowl is with Andy Reid behind the wheel.”

Well how though? That sounds nice, but put that into practice?

“Who else would you bring in to do something? [Mike Missanelli: I don’t think he’s the last coach in the world with all due respect to the man] He’s not bad. I think that the situation we have right now with the way this year went. It was close to us doing huge things. I understand we didn’t take care of business early in the season, but if you look at his track record it’s success. It’s not Super Bowl. It’s not a Super Bowl yet, but it’s headed there.”

Can you see the fans viewpoint for wanting a change from Andy Reid?

“I understand the frustration behind it absolutely. [Mike Missanelli: You called the fan base idiots?] I didn’t call the fan base idiots. I said if you want Andy Reid gone you are an idiot. [Mike Missanelli: That’s kind of the same thing isn’t it?] I am supporting my coach. I am not going to back down and apologize for it. I stand by it. I support the guy.

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