Eric Gordon On His Rookie Year

I mean, look at that face, the guy looked like he just stepped out of a Chuck E. Cheese – he does not look like a pro baller.  That’s what’s so great about the NBA, you can see every youthful or grizzled face in its entirety with no helmet or mask to cover it up.  It must really get an opposing player twitching when they see that kid-like face of Eric Gordon come down the floor and lace jumper after jumper.  The rookie has a knack for scoring and there were games where he played like a vet taking the scoring load upon himself, especially during that stretch when backcourt ‘mate Baron Davis was out with an injury.  Gordon joined WNDEin his hometown of Indianapolis to discuss his take on the season, if the Clippers are far off from being a solid team, and how it feels being the Lakers ugly sibling.

“Individually, I think I did pretty good, but as a team, not so well.  We’ve got a talented team that we just need to find that chemistry and get it back together.  That’s what we definitely need to do, find our chemistry this summer so we can build on it throughout the season next year.”

On having a chip on his shoulder because the Lakers get so much attention in LA:

“Yeah, because the Lakers they have so much publicity nationally, plus we’re both in the same city so then we get overlooked a little bit.  But, that’s what it’s all about, getting noticed and all about winning, and the Clippers haven’t had too many winning seasons since the franchise started.”

On turning the Clippers’ losing tradition around in the near future:

“Oh yeah, most definitely, it’s possible that we could do it next year.  We don’t have too many missing pieces, we just had so many injuries but we have a lot of talented guys on the team, we just need to pull it together.”

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