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Elvis Dumervil: “I Haven’t Felt like this in Three Years”
August 9, 2012 – 8:30 am by Brad Gagnon
Everything’s coming up Elvis Dumervil lately in Denver. Not only is Dumervil completely healthy for the first time in several years, but the pass-rushing specialist was just cleared in a road rage case in Florida. Oh, and he’s got Peyton Manning leading his team on the other side of the ball.

Elvis Dumervil joined Les and Jojo on 102.3 The Ticket in Denver to discuss his road rage case in Florida, which he was cleared in earlier this week. He also touched on how well he feels headed into the season, as well as the addition of Peyton Manning.
On being cleared in a road rage case in Florida:
“This is a blessing, man. Now I can just focus on football. Just imagine working all through OTAs, minicamp, and then right before training camp getting this big distraction. But I was confident all along and I just wanted to make sure. And I just tried to focus on training camp and getting good work in and try to get better with the guys.”
On if he learned anything from the incident:
“Absolutely. Number one, don’t blow your horn when somebody get in front of you. … Just one of those situations, kind of really just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think anything in life you gotta learn from it, can’t ignore it. Even though I didn’t do anything, but it’s something you can try to learn from it. So I just try to humble myself and try to learn from any situation.”
On how he feels headed into this season:
“I haven’t felt like this in like three years. Like you said, just the OTAs. The lockout, obviously, last year. Coming off the injury last year, the year before, and then getting nick-nacked throughout the season. But the offseason training been amazing.”
On the addition of Peyton Manning:
“It’s amazing. I think our strength is kind of getting after the quarterback. The coverage we have, and myself and Von, and the guys we have in the middle pushing the pocket. And then when you have a guy like Peyton moving that ball and keeping us off the field, scoring points, it just makes that nucleus that much stronger. So we’re excited.”
Listen to Elvis Dumervil on 102.3 The Ticket here
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