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It started with Hesiman Trophy winner Mark Ingram. The came last years 3rd overall pick in the draft, Trent Richardson. This year it was Lacy’s time to shine as Alabama’s lead running back. That is exactly what he did. The powerful, violent back finished with over 1,300 yards and 17 touchdowns. He looked like he solidified himself as a first round pick in Thursday’s draft. Not so fast. This offseason Lacy has dealt with a nagging hamstring injury and it cost him a chance to show off his skills at the Scouting Combine. He had to wait to his Pro Day. He still wasn’t 100 percent. He wasn’t in shape. And it showed. There are things to like about Lacy. He has the video game arsenal as a running back. He has the ability to make defenders miss. He has a violent stiff arm. He has a nifty spin move. And he has the ability to truck defenders in the hole. He’s the only running back worthy of a first round pick. But will some team call his name Thursday? Eddie Lacy joined 790 the Zone in Atlanta with Archer and Bell to talk about his offseason, how tough the criticism has been on him, whether he has an idea of where he may get drafted and what he thinks he brings to a team in the pros.

On his offseason strategy:

“I was out for a long time as far as trying to get my hamstring ready for me to run by my Pro Day. Even with that, by the time my hamstring was close to being ready where I could actually work out, I had about two weeks before my Pro Day so I wasn’t in the condition I should’ve been in due to a lack of time. But I’m glad I finished it, I did the best I could and and I know if I was in better shape or had more time to prepare for it then everything would have been a lot better than it was.”

How tough the criticism has been on him:

“It’s very tough. You hear a lot of things. People saying ‘he’s not in shape’ or ‘he’s not fast.’ But in reality it’s due to a lack of time. It’s something you can’t really worry about. You know what you are capable of when you’re 100 percent and the guys doubting you on the next level know as well. I don’t think it should be said or anything like that but there is nothing you can do about it.”

Whether he has an idea of where he may get drafted:

“We have an idea but out of respect for those organizations we are not going to name specifics. We have a few teams in mind. But on draft day you never know what could happen so all we can do at the end of the day is sit back and wait to see when I’m called.”

What he thinks he will be able to bring in the pros:

“Pretty much knowing you are going to have a guy that can work hard. He’s not going to come in a league expecting to have this or expecting to have that. He’s going to work for everything given to him. It’s going to be like that non-stop.

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