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Drew Brees Laments Not Being Able To Play In The Super Bowl At The Superdome

It was an ill-timed off year for the New Orleans Saints, who are out of the playoffs, and after a season plagued by the bounty scandal they won’t have a chance to play when they host the Super Bowl at the Superdome this year. Drew Brees is a little bitter over that, but he still can’t complain about his time in New Orleans and is quite happy that he was cast aside by the San Diego Chargers seven years ago.

Drew Brees joined Scott and BR on the Mighty 1090 in New Orleans to discuss the Saints’ disappointing season, the Super Bowl in New Orleans, Peyton Manning’s amazing 2012 campaign and his departure from San Diego seven years ago. He also touched on his involvement with personnel decisions in New Orleans.

On the Saints’ disappointing season:

“The fact that we didn’t meet our expectations, that’s always a disappointing thing. I feel like we’ve got a really good team, a really good group of guys. I felt like the coaches did a phenomenal job this year, despite the absence of Sean Payton. And it was just one of those years that it didn’t seem like anything really went our way. And when you have those good years, those playoff years, it always seems like there’s some things that kind of bounce your way and you make those plays in those few crucial games that end up putting you over the top. And unfortunately, in the three or four games that we probably really needed a win, we just weren’t able to make those plays. And it really came down to a play here, a play there, but in the end, that’s the difference between being a playoff team and going home.”

On Peyton Manning and the Broncos this season:

“They play winning football in all regards. Very well coached; I’ve got a lot of respect for John Fox. I think Peyton’s comeback from that neck injury is unbelievable. I’m not sure if any of us really know the true extent of that injury, and we never will, but I have a feeling that he obviously had to overcome a lot in order to come back.”

On not being able to play in the Super Bowl in New Orleans this season:

“Obviously I wish we were playing at home, in our home stadium, in front of our crowd. I think that was the expectation. So we’re still fresh off the end of the season, so it’s still not a good feeling.”

On leaving San Diego seven years ago:

“Obviously it worked out the way it was supposed to, the way it was meant to be . At the time that was obviously an extremely tough transition and the last thing I wanted to do was leave San Diego, but I think it’s worked out well for everybody.”

On his involvement in personnel decisions:

“I would say I absolutely have the relationship with the general manager and the head coach and guys in the front office to go in and talk to them about those things. I also know my place. I would never go in and say, ‘Hey, we have to draft this guy,’ or, ‘We have to trade for this guy,’ or whatever. But my opinion is asked a lot in certain situations, and so I certainly lend it when they ask.”

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