Don Mattingly Opens New Door As Joe Torre Leaves Door Open

Don Mattingly Opens New Door As Joe Torre Leaves Door OpenCollectively, Joe Torre and Don Mattingly spent 30 years with the New York Yankees organization. It was not until last night though that the two of them were able to visit the new Yankee Stadium, which opened last season. Torre had not been allowed to come back to New York for last year’s World Series to visit a stadium that includes little if any reference to him as the manager of four World Series winning teams. But the memory of the late George Steinbrenner, which was honored with a monument at the stadium last night, would not have been complete without Torre and Mattingly in attendance.There visit to New York complete, Torre and Mattingly, who have worked on the same coaching staff since , will now spend just another few weeks together with the Los Angeles Dodgers before they go their separate ways.

A talented team riddled with health issues, underperforming youth and financial questions related to the owner’s high profile divorce is no place for a 70-year-old veteran manager. On Friday, Torre announced that he would not be returning to the team and that Mattingly will be taking over as manager. He was able to get his guy the job, but what will he do next. Torre has left the door wide open for anything from managing again as soon as next season (Cubs? Mets?), sticking with the Dodgers as an adviser, commentating on TV or retiring.Joe Torre and Don Mattingly joined Mike Francesa on WFAN in New York to talk about why Torre decided to leave the Dodgers after this season, Torre leaving the door open to re-join the Dodgers or manage another team next season, visiting the new Yankee Stadium, Mattingly getting his first chance to manage, hard feelings between Torre and Brian Cashman and not making the playoffs.

Torre on why he chose to leave the Dodgers after this season:

Well the guy sitting on my left here, Mattingly, I just thought that his voice was louder than mine. The fact that I was very frustrated by the ballclub really spinning their wheels here all year. I made up my mind about a month or so ago for sure. I let Donnie know what I was thinking, but I didn’t want to really say anything until we were completely out of the race. I just didn’t want a distraction standing in the way of that. Believe it or not, Mike, I’ve been trying to sidestep the question all the time. Once I made the decision, once I announced it, it’s been a great relief for me. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next for me… I told Ned Colletti, our GM, that next month, after Ali and I take a little vacation, I would go into talk with him because he is interested in keeping me with the organization. I certainly enjoyed working with him. Of course with Donnie taking over, it certainly would be fun watching him do that. Will see how that works out. I’m excited about what’s happening next. I’ve enjoyed the managing. It’s always been stimulating. I’ve always felt that when I couldn’t find the key to open the door to some of this stuff that we couldn’t straighten out, I just felt I would have to move on.”

Torre on if he would be open to talk to any teams for a position next year:

“I made the announcement that I am not coming back to manage the Dodgers next year. I didn’t close the door. I really don’t anticipate managing again, Mike. It would be unfair for me not to listen, just out of curiosity and to see if something excites me. But, I’ve been spending a lot of time away from home like I’ve done forever. It’s sort of getting to the point where I wish I could go to Andrea’s softball games at times. I’m not sure if managing is going to appeal to me, but I didn’t shut the door.”

Mattingly on being the new manager of the Dodgers:

“It’s been really a great time for me since I came over with Joe in New York and then to L.A. I’ve had the opportunity to learn under him and spend a lot of time under a lot of managers during my time in New York. I look forward to putting all of that to good use now in L.A… It’s exciting. I’ve had great opportunities. I was in the Yankees organization for a long time, probably the premier franchise in all of baseball. Now I get to be a part of the Dodgers’ history and hopefully bring them something that, when I went out there with Joe we were striving for.”

Torre on if there are any hard feelings with the Brian Cashman and the Yankees:

“I know Brian (Cashman) took some of the things in the book very personal. I had told him ahead of time that there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with stuff. We’ve had a great relationship. I’m happy that he’s looking forward to my coming back. I know I am. We’ve done too many good things together to not have a relationship… I was hoping that the first time (at the new Yankee Stadium) would have been last year at the World Series, but we came up a little short. These fans have always been special.”

And Torre on missing the playoffs for the first time in 15 years:

“I know. Ali is shocked that were going to be going somewhere in October. We’re normally on a charter somewhere.”

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