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DeSean Jackson: I’m Honored That my Game-Winning Punt Return vs. Giants was Voted NFL’s ‘Greatest Play Ever

The people voted and somehow DeSean Jackson now owns the rights to the greatest play in NFL history. Fan voting can cause some bizarre results, but the Eagles fans got out there and made sure their guy won the contest.
There were over 58 million who voted for Jackson’s play and the Eagles wide receiver is honored to be a part of the greatest play in the history of the NFL. It’s insane to think the voting went down this way, but Jackson isn’t making any apologies for his victory. DeSean Jackson joined WIP in Philadelphia with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow to discuss his punt return being voted the greatest play in NFL History, his memories of his game-winning punt return against the Giants in 2010, his belief that the Giants wouldn’t punt him the ball on that play and his honest opinion on the greatest play in NFL history.

What are your thoughts on your punt return against the Giants being called “The Greatest Play in NFL History” according to and NFL Network?

“It was a great list and I can recall it going back to my first round and going all the way to the sixth round. Then me and Steve Young? I looked up to him when I was a kid. I am honored to really meet him and grow up with him and all the other guys, as well, too. There were some great plays along with my play, so I am really honored by it.”

When you go back to December 19, 2010 with 13 seconds to go in the game against the Giants in Week 15, what do you remember now about that moment?

“Oh man, that was a couple of years back, but I can remember playing the Giants out there in New York in the Meadowlands and one of my favorite places to play and going back to that game where it was early in the first half … and we were getting brutally beat pretty bad. We just went into that locker room and Michael Vick and the rest of the guys and LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek, we just had a talk within ourselves to come back out there and just try to get back into it and get everybody together and come back and win that game. We came back out there and did some great things, and not only myself. I was able to almost knock it out of the ballpark with my home run, but the other three touchdowns we scored put us back into the game.”

Did you believe that Matt Dodge punted you the ball?

“I definitely didn’t think they was going to punt that ball to me. I was like, ‘Man, they are going to kick this ball outside of the stadium,’ and I looked up and I like to say that I kind of fumbled on purpose, but it was just something that happened. But from there I saw that seam right up the middle and I saw the blockers lay it out for me and get me to the end zone. I did some crazy things with that ball right along the goal line, but I was just trying to run out the clock and hoping there was no time left on the clock for the Giants.”

Do you think your punt return was the greatest play in NFL history?

“Honestly man, I tip my hat to all the guys like Bo Jackson, Lynn Swann, Marcus Allen and Steve Young. I mean, up and down that list, I could keep going and going. How about ‘The Catch,’ where the 49ers won that game in the back of the end zone. Like I said, I am really just honored. I think I was a very good nomination. At the end of the day, all the Eagles fans out there voted for me and I just want to tell my Eagles fans how much I appreciate them because they do a great job. I think they are the best fans out there in the NFL. That’s who I’m going to give the credit to. As far as any other play? I’m just happy mine won.”

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